Seo meaning comprehensive explanation 2022

Seo meaning comprehensive explanation 2022

Seo meaning

 Before we discuss and learn about these improvements we should make on the site and off the site. 

Let's first understand what is the main goal of the search engines themselves, how they work and what does optimization mean for .search engines

Search engine optimization meaning

What is SEO

 Simply put, search engines are an important and quick way to help us find what we are looking for on the internet, through keywords that we type on the search engine.

 Search engines therefore search within their very large index of pages related to the keyword that we have written, and they show the search results very quickly, in less than one second and sorted by the search engine's ranking criteria. 

Search engine optimization is a continuous process that we do, to make our site appear in the first results of search engines. By the way, the search engine optimization process requires us to: 

  •  To do a detailed search for the keywords that we will focus on in the optimization processes.
  •  Create comprehensive content that is useful and highly valued in excellent language.
  •  The answer to the researcher question provided.. 
  • Content must be compatible with search engines.
  •  We make off-page improvements by building valuable external links.
  •  In addition to the technical improvements we make on the site in general. 

In the next article, we will talk about some important criteria that go into search engine algorithms to determine the ranking of results, but it is important to know the two important terms used by SEO specialists.

 To distinguish agent types or configuration methods, namely on-page optimization, or off-page optimization. SEO page or to clarify the best optimization within the page or .website about the page. If he

  1. It involves writing content that is compatible with search engines.
  2.  Site speed.
  3. Improved headlines compatibility with mobile devices. 
  4. Meta tags and sitemap files.

 Either off-page or off-site improvements are f page seo. It is the process of building external links, related to the fame and reputation of the sites that link on the site.

 the words that are linked from external sites and indicators on social media platforms or so-called social media.

 And other or in other words are improvements that we make outside the scope of the site itself. 

As I mentioned earlier, the topic of optimization for search engines is a long-term project, but it is also of long-term benefit, and the return on investment is very high because the visits to the site are free .

Why SEO is important

Although paid advertising and social media platforms are able to bring more visitors to your website, most of your online traffic organic comes through search engines.

 Not only that, organic search results seem more reliable to professional searchers, and you get more clicks than paid ads.

 Of the search results shown to users in the United States, only 2.8% of paid results are clicked.

 Not only that, SEO is the only online marketing tool that, if used well, will generate continuous profits and always satisfactory results. 

If you put the right content that deserves to be displayed on the search results page for the right keyword, traffic to your site will increase over time for free. 

While marketing content by other means always requires money to increase traffic and visitors, and although different search engines are getting smarter, they still need your help.

 So you have to improve your site so that you can better communicate information to the search engine.

 so that the latter can find this information and index it  then display it on page number 1, in purely results.

Should I hire someone for SEO

It actually depends on a lot of very important factors such as:

  • How much you want to learn more about SEO. 
  • The complexity of your website.
  •  The size of your brand.

You can certainly apply some of the basics of SEO if you want, but you can also get help from a professional in the field if you want, either way it will benefit you. 

However, if you choose to hire an SEO specialist , make sure you choose it carefully, as there are many companies that offer SEO services, but they vary in the quality and effectiveness of the service they provide.

 The right SEO will ensure that you save a lot of time, effort and money, while using these techniques incorrectly will do great damage .to your site. Make a good choice!


Thus, we have provided you with comprehensive information about the concept of SEO, its most important goals, types and ways to benefit from it in achieving success, on the internet.

Note: because Google is the most used search engine, especially in our western region. So we will talk in a lot of aspects in the next articles, about search engine optimization for Google in particular.

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