SEO course for beginners | SEO for beginners 2022

SEO course for beginners | SEO for beginners 2022

SEO course for beginners

You are a beginner in SEO, you want to learn it , but the obstacle stands in front of you the strategy of optimizing seo it.

 do not worry you can learn SEO, without any complexity in the site of the marketing manager،

SEO course for beginners

SEO course for beginners

Beginners In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) must understand that there is no magic way to make a site top the search engine results.

Because this is done by complex algorithms, and it takes a lot of effort to convince them that your site, or page, deserves one of the first positions.

However, there are some rules that you can follow to improve the results of your site, I will show you the steps of SEO for beginners and I will explain at the theoretical level. 

SEO for beginners

I have tested this strategy over the years on some sites, which I work on with remarkable results. Of course there are many other factors that can be done to help improve the ranking of the site.

 But the tips that I will tell you are 100% safe, and above all they bring you good results, and in addition to the tips I will add real examples for my site marketing manager. to help you understand how to apply these tips in your site or blog.

1. Title and description of the article

  • Article title

The title of the article, is a very important factor of SEO, and the reason is that it is the first text that appears to the user in the search results.

 You must be careful in choosing keywords to add with the title of the article, Choosing a keyword accurately makes it easy to compete in search results.

The most important thing to focus on in writing the title of the article:

  • Write a catchy and exclusive title that describes the content of the article.
  •  Add the key word at the beginning of the title.
  • Help the visitor understand what you are talking about inside the article through the title.
  • The title of the article must not exceed 70 characters.

  • Article description

Also the description of the article is very important. It gives a summary to users, Google about the content of the article, Google maybe shows what you added in the article description, or it may snippet part of the page content.

:Important tips for writing a good description

  • Add a unique description to all pages, whether product or article.
  • Description characters must not exceed 170 characters.
  • Avoid repeating the content of the title in the description.
  • Add the keyword in the description a maximum of two times.
  • Try to use the article description as a way to advertise your article to the reader.

Page link structuring 2

Page link structuring, is a term used to describe page links. The page link appears in the browser and in the search results (below the page title).

How to choose the structuring of site 3 links

  • Make article links simple and easy to understand on search engines and users.
  • Use a sign ( - ) to separate each word.
  • Avoid long links with unnecessary information.
  • Add the target keyword in the page link.

Examples of bad link structuring


Examples of link structuring


 4 breadcrumb

This feature should be added to your site, breadcrumb is a set of links at the top of the page, which helps search engines and the user to know the section of the article. If you are using WordPress, there are .many free .plugins for breadcrumb

Internal links 5

When we talk about internal links, we mean links that are on a page within the site, and refer to other pages within the same site. In the following example, when you click "Build Backlink" you will be redirected to another page within the site.

Internal links are a very important factor in SEO optimization, but still many webmasters do not use them properly, these are the most important rules of internal links to do:

  • Exchange relevant article links to each other either using the text of the target word, or using the article link.
  • Make sure that the internal links will benefit the visitor and improve the search engine archiving of the site.
  • Do not publish internal links for search engines only.
  •  The internal link should help the visitor to navigate your site better, and this will improve the duration of the visitor's stay inside the site and thus reduce the bounce rate.
  • Do not use sentences such as “click here” or “[..] In the internal link with the word, this will damage your site and make the visitor not understand what this link is.
  • Five internal links per page is quite enough (create more if necessary), but do not overdo it so as not to negatively affect the ranking of the site.
  • Do not just create links from new articles to old articles, but every few days add internal links between New topics to Old topics.

Content formatting and tag use H 1, H 2

You should not publish new articles without reviewing them and doing internal SEO You should not publish new articles without reviewing them and doing internal SEO.

 this is not good for the strategy of improving the ranking of the site, the rules to follow to format an article or page on your site are:

  • Use the tag H 1 Article title.
  • Use H 2 for the subtitle within the article.
  • Use bold or bold to draw visitors ' attention to a specific sentence or word.
  • Do not use H 2 with all subheadings.
  • Write small lines as advice or clarification for something .
  • Use the small font because it is easy to read.

Page 404 .6

SEO is to improve the user experience, and page 404 contributes to this goal, page 404 is the page that appears when a visitor presses on a link that is not on the site, 

or misspelled in writing the link to the article. If there is no 404 page on the site, it will show this error:

Page 404

Good 404 page builder factors:

  • Give the visitor the options to navigate to other pages within the site.
  • Make the design of page 404, consistent with the pages of the site.
  • Give some information to the visitor about what happened instead of showing “not found“.

Optimize and format images 7

The inclusion of some images in articles is necessary to enhance the user experience and diversity of content, but care should be taken that there are no side problems, such as problems with page loading speed or website response.

 Especially after the success of the panteris platform, many sites began to upload photos to their account and then insert the image link inside the article, if you decide to use the images, avoid making these mistakes :

  • Image description by using ALT text, you can add keywords in the image description but don't overdo it.
  • Use keywords in naming images. Avoid using names like image 1.jpg or person1.jpg. Instead use names that have meaning with dashes as a separator between each word.
  • Improved image size. Click image size (make size inـ8) this will make the site faster.

8. WebSite speed

Certainly the speed of the site is a very important factor in the success of the site, in addition to that Google has stated several times that the speed of the site is a factor of SEO, and therefore is important in order to improve search results.

Sites with a good loading speed, preferred by visitors because it is a factor to encourage the visitor to return to the site again, in addition, if the load time of your site to less than 8 seconds, it is likely to get:

  • Better ranking in search engine results.
  • Browse more than one page.
  • More visits.

Site speed optimization factors

  • Remove any unimportant add-ons (if you are using WordPress) or JavaScript code.
  • Reduce the size of images.
  • Use spool extras.
  • Use Google speed measurement tools for free, a service to analyze your site and get tips to improve the performance of the site.

Addressing technical problems is not easy for the average person to identify and solve problems, but is a very important factor in SEO strategy. You can agree with a programmer to improve the performance of the site through the site fiver.

Compatibility of your website with 9 phones

A large number of searches done every day are through mobile devices, several studies over the past 12 months, have determined that the number of searches using smartphones is constantly increasing. 

I am sure that if you take a look at your data analytics, you will see a good percentage of daily visits coming from smartphones. In the example shown below, approximately 30% of the traffic from Mobile is with Apple products (iPhone,.).


It's not in the scope of this article, but there are some simple steps you can follow to ensure that the site is responsive to mobile phones.

  • Understand the difference between a mobile-friendly website that supports Android, iPhone or Windows Phone.
  • Make your site display optimized on mobile browser (Google Chrome, Android, Safari, iPhone) be responsive.

sitemap 10

Sitemap is a list where all articles or pages of your site, you need two types of maps. First sitemap (XML), to be submitted to Google, Bing and other search engines.

 The second is the HTML sitemap HTM to help visitors find your site pages, easier if your site is large . It is recommended to place a link to your user's sitemap from the main menu.

Content is king 11

When people search on Google, Yahoo or Bing they are basically looking for the answer to a question. Featured content is a page that answers that question.

How can I tell if my content is good or not

There is a simple way to understand whether your content is useful or not. You can check your analytics, page posts on social media and how long the visitor stays .

How to write good content

There is no simple answer to this question but the following guidelines developed by you can point you in the right direction:

  • Make sure that your content delivers what is promised in the title. For example if your headline is " how to optimize search engines, make sure your message provides an accurate and clear description
  • Make sure the text is free of misspellings and grammatical errors.
  • Text formatting (as explained in point eight )
  • Add links within your content (where necessary and not random) to other pages on your site (or external sites) to benefit the visitor and to get more information.
  • Rely on authoritative research or articles (where necessary) to prove that what you say or suggest is correct.

Renewable content 12

Having new content is an incentive for visitors to come back again, which is a good factor for the search engine to visit and crawl your site permanently.

And this is true will be good when you really have something new to say about a niche, or your own niche. Avoid publishing a small essay or copying part of a second essay to complete your essay.

Checking outbound links 13

External links (the sites you refer to from your site ) are important in the SEO. General guarantee the following:

  • You have not linked your site with spam sites or sites that have inappropriate content.
  • You have no broken links, no links to sites or pages that no longer exist (you can use Broken Link Checker – free tool to analyze external links of your site).
  • Do not sell links to other sites within your site and do not exchange links between you and another site.
  • Make any links in the comments section carry the nofollow property.

Google Webmasters 14

Google and Bing have so-called Webmaster Tools. This is the right place to register and submit your site to it and follow the statistics. After submitting it you can visit webmaster tools and get valuable information about your website.

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