What is digital marketing and its types 2022

What is digital marketing and its types 2022

What is digital marketing 

Digital marketing is the process of using digital channels , to promote or market your product or service, digital marketing is a broad term that can include anything , from . emarketing to social media marketing to seo 

What is digital marketing

The great thing about digital marketing ,is that you don't need to study and train for long months to benefit from it , because even a simple service provider can.

with some simple research, create a Facebook page for him, put his number on it and some pictures that show his skill.

I can't really speculate because of your interest in the world of digital marketing, and because of your reading of the article, but let me tell you that this article will be useful to you in case you are one of these:

  • You have business and want to understand digital marketing and how to use it.
  • Someone who likes to learn about new things.
  • You have a simple skill or business and want to know if digital marketing will help you.
  • A researcher or student who wants to do research on digital marketing.

Advantages of digital marketing.

There are many advantages to digital marketing, which can help companies and individuals achieve successful goals such as:

  • For businesses and individuals it is a low cost method.
  • Advanced and modern technology makes it easy for you to reach your customers and target customers.
  • Technology develops the relationship between companies and between customers and customers.
  • Individuals who work in self-employment earn a lot of money through online earning methods.
  • Companies increase customer and audience loyalty and give them more trust and credibility.
  • It enables companies to display their services and products at all times , without being bound by a specific time and place.
  • It enables startups to speculate with large companies in order to display their products side by side in cyberspace.
  • Easy to implement , apply and use online, but need constant updating and development.
  • It earns companies large data about customers, and gives customers information and details about services and products.
  • It grants individuals working online to promote themselves, their work and their job titles.

Digital marketing barriers are less than traditional marketing , so you can start creating and activating a marketing campaign large or small in seconds, 

from anywhere and without the need for permits or approvals from government agencies.

Also, through digital marketing, you can target customers according to dozens of criteria, including:

  1. Age.
  2. Gender (Male/Female).
  3. Interests.
  4. Recent visits to sites.
  5. Research words.
  6. Academic qualification.
  7. The location where the customer is now.

The most important digital marketing channels

Digital marketing channels

There are many digital marketing channels , digital marketing how much we mentioned above, is any marketing process that enters the technology, and modern and sophisticated means of communication.

Now we will turn to the most important and prominent digital marketing channels, namely:

  • Content marketing

Content marketing by creating a website, which is the most important marketing channel in digital marketing for professional organizations.

 and where the business owner creates a website that represents the company, and contains detailed data and information about the company's products or services.

  • Social media marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most important channels that have proven their importance in the last decade in the world of digital marketing.

Social media marketing aims to attract customers and consumers and introduce them to the brand, interact with them and provide all the data and information they want to get about the product or service.

In the end, the purpose is achieved, which is to turn the target customers into real customers by the purchase process, and one of the most famous social networks:

  1. Youtube
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook
  4. Instagram
  5. Pinterest

  • Email marketing

It is one of the oldest methods of digital marketing, but it is still very effective in the marketing process, and is largely used to highlight the latest developments or offer new advertising content to customers.

When using this technology, you need to be careful, as many customers feel annoyed by the large number of emails, do not be lahoha and provide your information enough only without exaggeration.

Email marketing in short consists of creating a mailing list for targeted customers, and sending marketing messages to these customers to attract them back to the site or the online store, thus making more profits than the same customer.

  • Search engine optimization

Through which the business owner makes the required improvements , in the content of his site in order to appear in the first search results, and then attract more interested in what is offered, and ultimately achieve sales.

Search engine marketing  , is a very important marketing arm in the world of digital marketing, and it is a marketing channel that works in tandem with the rest of the channels, so it can not be dispensed with in any way.

  • Marketing through text messages.Marketing through text messages.

Text messages represent one of the very effective marketing channels in digital marketing, it enables the business owner to send a text message directly to the target customer's phone.

Digital marketing team

The digital marketing team, is responsible for increasing the organization's brand awareness and generating more sales.

This is done through all available digital marketing channels, both free and paid. There are a lot of disciplines in digital marketing,

 but not every organization has to have a team that includes all existing marketing disciplines.

The size of the marketing team here depends on the size of the organization, the number of marketing channels you want to work through, the goals you seek.etc.

In small businesses, for example, a single marketing professional may be assigned to perform many tasks such as:

  • data analyst.
  • Marketing automation coordinator.
  • Social media manager.
  • Content marketing specialist.
  • SEO specialist.

How you can learn digital marketing

Now we have come to the last part of our article, the part that I think you have been waiting for since the beginning of the article. In this part I will put in front of you a well-structured and clear plan for learning digital marketing.

  • Study what is available to you from a variety of sources, free or paid, whether on sites or on YouTube.
  • Go to search, read and read in English, or any other language is important to benefit more.
  • Do not forget to apply everything you have learned constantly, to be a good digital marketer in a short time.
  • Courses are very important in learning digital marketing,


Here I have finished my article today on digital marketing, which I hope will be a guide for every business owner and every aspirant, to get started in this wonderful field as a digital marketing specialist.

Don't forget to share the topic with your friends in order to benefit, our website marketing manager always offers the best.

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