Best companies shipping for ecommerce 2022

Best companies shipping for ecommerce 2022

companies shipping for ecommerce

ecommerce is one of the manifestations of the technological developments in the world in the recent period. which has witnessed a significant growth in its sales by more than 250% from the previous years. 

companies charging for ecommerce

Services are considered as e-commerce shipping are a key reason to support their growth regardless of the size or the nature or type of trade activity.

Because the shipping services is a major part complementary to the process of selling online, it is through the receipt of the products of the service provider, packaged, packaging and transport to the final consumer.

In this article, we'll discuss the best shipping company for ecommerce , selection criteria, and how to contract with them, in addition to the many platform cargo famous in the Arab .world

What is a network for e-commerce?

Shipping to the concept of the public is the process of transferring goods or products from one place to another, whether from their place of production, office, storage or seller to the consumer.

While e-commerce is the selling and buying of various items that are conducted through the internet, whether the processes that take place between companies and consumers, which are called “B2C” or between the company and some of them are “B2B ”.

Is e-commerce is the service that you need to process the transfer of products that are sold electronically.

This process is considered the most important pillars of e-commerce, they are the movement of the link between the client and durability, and will influence the success or failure of the trade.

Notably, it is of the most important factors that influence the decision of customers to purchase, the charging system is secure on the products.

 and fast, and suitable cost, and perhaps the area, the more demands on the products you offer through your business email.

How to choose an ecommerce shipping company

The choice of Shipping Company , areas of challenges faced by owners of ecommerce stores, where considered appropriate choice on several factors necessary.

These factors will boost the growth of trade, and earn customer loyalty, affect your decision on choosing the most appropriate company e-commerce shipping.

The most important of these factors are:

  • 1. Reputable
Dealing with shipping companies for e-commerce requires that those companies with a good reputation in the commercial market.

So give your customers the impression of confidence in your business, you can know opinions of former customers in the company to make sure of it, and how the quality of services provided by, easy handling and the secretariat in the delivery and respect for the customer .

  • 2. Facing their services with the products that you provide

It might help you in choosing the shipping company knowing the characteristics of good product in terms of weight and dimensions, the temperature of which it contains, and the type of storage, either dry or cold in addition to the type of packaging required.

As these things will help you to prevent the exposure of your products to before they reach the customer, which will sure help you in choosing the company that offers services to fit the requirements of transporting your products.

  • 3. Speed ​​of delivery

Statistics indicate that more than 80% of shoppers and customers prefer to receive their purchases on the same day or the next day at the most.

Since the speed of delivery you think working with them to choose a partner shipping supplementing your business the majority of customers prefer the system, Fast shipping and the best time of the recommendation of a day for 5 days.

  • 4. Customer service

Based on the cooperation shipping company with your customers may prefer the client to deal with you again, or might be forced to cancel the deal once and for all.

So whenever the company respects the client and communicates with it properly, whenever the cause in earning the loyalty of your customers, you should make sure the availability of all ways to communicate with customers either phone or chat or email.

We must also make sure that the shipping company has the ability to solve the problems of customers and communicate with them quickly and effectively.

  • 5. Do you provide the company the possibility to trace

With technological developments has become easy now to be aware of the place of shipment the customer will be able to follow the process of shipping the product, you can track the shipment to affect your decision to choose the company.

  • 6. The company provides multiple connectivity options

E-commerce has made the whole world as a small village, then any client now to shop around, and buy what he wants without looking to Park Place or state.

so be sure that the company provides the possibility of international shipping... this , of course, if your e-store targeting more than one country.

It may be the scope of your business locally, you don't need to this type of shipping... everything you need in this case is to ensure the use of the means of transfer, multiple interior for easy delivery, such as: cars , transport or bikes.

  • 7. Plans, prices and cost

Whenever the cost of shipping is less with respect to the quality of products and packaging whenever contributed to increased sales and higher profits.

But you must check the price plans of your company for all fees imposed by the shipping companies on products that you sell and compare between them and choose the best.

  • 8. Quality packaging

You may need the products they offer to treatment is particularly so as not related to or breakage, the quality of the packaging protects products throughout the shipping period of exposure to shocks and external factors and damage.

Also that packaging plays an important role in attracting the attention of customers, enhance the brand value they have, for this you must identify the products used in the packaging process. Is it Cardboard or plastic bags?

  • 9. How easy to open accounts, e-commerce in the shipping company

Some shipping companies are easy to open accounts, where the account is opened automatically and the evaluation of data and documents through its website.

Some companies require going to the headquarters to open an account and trim the leaves in addition to wait for until they are approved open the account.

  • 10. Fee payment upon receipt

There are additional fees imposed by the shipping company for payment of funds when you received the product, and these fees go directly to the shipping company and not the store.

Because the process of transfer of funds to the owner of e-commerce requires time, effort and extra, some companies are adding a fee for this service, the total shipping cost.

You should make sure the building is supposed to pay cash on delivery. And will lead to raise the price of the product directly in it or not?

Best shipping company for ecommerce

In the recent period increased the number of international shipping companies and the process that supports e-commerce significantly and solutions for different shipping both international or domestic.

So we have now the best freight service providers:

company Fedex

Whether it's from one state to another or from one continent to another, help FedEx to connect your business with the world, this is the motto of the shipping company Fedex, which published it on its website.

FedEx months global shipping companies that are of the many that provide comfort and safety to the owner of the business activity of the customer, of the most important of these features:

  • The possibility of international shipping and.
  • The ability to deal with different sizes of cargo, they are working on the shipment of packages up to 1000 kilograms.
  • Scheduling minutes to receive shipments.
  • Provide service to track the shipment via email.
  • The provision tests many to-order packaging of shipments.
  • Submission of bills to the assets of the paper companies when needed.

company Aramex

Aramex is from the months of shipping companies in the Middle East, and are characterized by Aramex service, fast delivery along with many other features such as:

  • Save company's tests are so many things to store products and customs clearance.
  • Lets follow-up e-logistics solutions of other things storage and follow supply.
  • Characterized by the shipping company Aramex she deals with all sizes of cargo.
  • Provide international shipping and.
  • Special privileges for electronic stores.
  • Service to track the shipment.
  • Payment service upon receipt of shipments, a months payment methods that are looking for workers now.
  • The company provides shipping Aramex different shipping methods, wilderness, joy, freedom.

the shipping company DHL

DHL is one of the largest shipping and logistics companies in the world, they are delivering services in more than 200 area in the different countries of the world.

The company provides many of the special things the operations of shipping e-stores such as:

  • Shipping and delivery of products to the means of various transport, road freight, air, sea.
  • The possibility of shipping the products available on the same day of the request.
  • Characterized by the average prices for the provision of quality and accurately and safely maintaining shipments.
  • Provides tracking of shipments.
  • Shipping shipping at the time specified accurately.
  • Can deliver shipments in sizes up to 20 kg.
  • Hire a good team of customer service and respond to customer queries and problems.

Sama express

  • Providing services to the logistics, such as is stored cargo clearance customs paperwork.
  • Shipping products within deadlines.
  • Provide customer service to track the shipment via his mobile phone, or via email.
  • Are the standards of safety in the conservation and delivery of shipments.
  • Work on the delivery of shipments of various sizes up to 68 kg.
  • Provide freight rates particularly suitable for the Saudi market.

company Tookan

Of the largest shipping companies, and promote the annexation of the management team well and focus, and the services provided to you by company Tookan:

  • Work on connecting different types of shipments of various sizes.
  • Providing various logistics services for owners of ecommerce stores.
  • Ensure the delivery of the freight quality and integrity.
  • Offering competitive prices and attractive for numerous and distinctive that it offers.
  • The possibility of shipping domestic or international.

Shipping companies are an important partner in the success, spread and expansion of e-commerce, they are not only responsible for the transportation of products to customers, but also to obtain a satisfactory .shopping

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