What is the definition of e-commerce 2022

What is the definition of e-commerce 2022

e-commerce introduction

Welcome to our comprehensive guide, in which we will explain to you, what is e-commerce , and what is the importance of e-commerce. 

definition of e-commerce

What is E-Commerce mean? 

ecommerce refers to the use of platforms that facilitate the purchase and sale of products online . This includes exchanging money and digital data to conduct business transactions. Although the most famous example of e-commerce is online shopping, such as:

Amazon, e-commerce auction can also refer to other types of online activities, such as online, online booking and payment gateways. There are many popular platforms in the global e-commerce market are: 

  1. JD
  2.  Apple
  3.  Alibaba. 
  4. Walmart, Inc 
  5. eBay 
  6. Inc Amazon

What are the types of e-commerce

Many people only know about e-commerce and its basics, but very few know the types of e-commerce business models, so in this post, I will talk about them.

  • C2A
  • B2A
  • C2B
  • C2C
  • B2B
  • B2C

  • C2A

The consumer to manage e-commerce business model or C2A includes online electronic transactions between individuals and public administration.

The e-commerce model C2A helps consumers to post their queries and request information related to public sectors directly from their local governments/authorities.

In a better sense, it provides an easy way to establish contact between consumers and the government.

  • B2A

This type of e-commerce includes all transactions that take place on the Internet between companies and Public Administration, and is known ASU B2A ua field that owns a large amount A different range of services :

  • Financial areas.
  • Social Security.
  • Employment.
  • Documents and records.

These types of services have increased significantly in recent years with investments in e-government.

  • C2B

This type of e-commerce is based on the consumer , selling their own products or services to an organization that thoroughly searches for these types of services and products; It is known by the term (C2B) and this type of e-commerce is very common in enterprises, and young people work through it as entrepreneurs, and benefit from this type well.

  • C2C

This type of e-commerce includes the consumer with the Consumer, known as the term (C2C), and works on all electronic transactions of goods and services that take place between consumers in general; These transactions are carried out by a third party, which provides the electronic platform, where the transactions are actually carried out.

  • B2B

The first type of e-commerce is companies with companies, and is known by the term () is an electronic trade exchange between a company and another company; and depends on the marketing relationships between the two companies.

Such as that a company displays its products at the other company, and exchange marketing and trade between them, so that they have more opportunities.

  • B2C

This type of e-commerce is between companies and individual customers, known as (B2C), which is based on e-commerce between companies and consumers, and corresponds to the retail section of e-commerce.

What are advantages of ecommerce

There are important and basic features of e-commerce, and must be known in order to save you many questions when you decide to create a site that works on e-commerce, namely :

  • Speed ​​in response, simplicity and ease in carrying out business transactions.
  • The possibility of providing a supply service, on-line for some goods to the buyer directly.
  • Delivery of goods through an electronic intermediary.
  • Simplicity and ease in concluding electronic transactions.
  • Access to the global market, without the need for large financial investment through the internet.
  • E-commerce suppliers allow to be closer to their customers, increasing productivity and .competitiveness of companies
  • - More efficient support before and after sale.
  • Save effort and time for consumers.
  • Easy to sell and buy in very successful ways.

What are disadvantages of ecommerce

The main disadvantages of e-commerce are some important points, which should also be known, namely :

  • . Safety factor

Many portals are hacked daily by cybercriminals, it is a very serious problem, as your account may be hacked due to negligence and withdraw existing cash.

  • Unfortunately there is no possibility to try the results .

One of the main disadvantages of an ecommerce portal, is that the customer is unable to try and test the product for their satisfaction.

  • Late delivery.

Late delivery is one of the common disadvantages of ecommerce software. While ordering a product the customer makes sure it arrives within a maximum of 7 days or a certain period of time, in most cases this does not happen.

  • Shipping problems .

E-commerce stores operate successfully because they can easily ship their products from anywhere, have a strong network that helps them in their quest.

In e-portals the customer has to choose, Buy and then wait, until the product reaches its doorstep within the specified time frame, shipping is an integral part of the trade, and if you do not have the proper infrastructure, it can cause serious problems and become a flaw in e-commerce.

New e commerce companies

Through these famous companies, you can see the way they display their products, so to take advantage of them when you start your project to create your e-commerce site, determine the services and products that suit them, in addition to that you can buy the best goods at the best prices from these sites as well:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Best Buy
  • big commerce
  • shopify
  • noon.com
  • Weebly

Difference between e commerce and e marketing

The difference between e-commerce and e-marketing , is that e-commerce is a business A transaction that occurs over an electronic network such as the internet.

E-marketing is one type of marketing that can be done through the internet, or any other tools or resources via websites.


All products can now be sold through the internet, with all the features and enough information for each product, and this makes it much easier for the consumer to go down and buy from stores.

It also saves him time and effort, as well as ensuring fast processing, delivery of the order to the customer at a specific time; Much of the profit from these sales is expected to multiply for online marketing by 2023.

If you want to start creating an e-commerce site, such as Amazon or eBay, let us know in a comment and we will explain all the details step by professionally step on the site, marketing manager .

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