What is email marketing and how does it work?

What is email marketing and how does it work?

Email marketing is important in increasing your website traffic, turning a potential customer into a buying customer, and a buying customer into a loyal customer.

What is email marketing?
What is email marketing?

Despite the revolution of technology, artificial intelligence, chatbots and the presence of social media platforms, people's access to their email is increasing year by year.

So it is the best way to measure your performance in growing your business, so how do you do it in a way that ensures your success This article gives you thorough answers to the following questions:

  • ?What is email marketing
  • The importance of E marketing
  • Advantages of email marketing
  • How to do email marketing
  • Top tips to ensure successful email marketing
  • What are the best email marketing tools
  • Risks of email marketing

What is email marketing

emarketing is the process of using email to advertise your products, or the services you provide, and it is not limited to this.

Instead, you can use email marketing to strengthen and improve your relationship with your customers, or reach potential customers because it reaches your customers ' mail and you can talk to them in a personal way.

 Email marketing allows you to keep your customers informed about the latest news and features of your products or services, and you can customize your marketing messages accordingly.

Think of it as an effective, low-cost opportunity, and larger conversions to your store or website.

Email marketing began as an effective way to attract people with ads, then it was subjected to fierce competition from social networking sites, although many thought that the methods and techniques of email marketing are no longer working today.

 However, companies carry out targeted campaigns, experiment, modify and measure can achieve success with less sponsorship than marketing through the means of communication, let's learn about the importance and advantages of email marketing.

The importance of emarketing

Email marketing brings a high ROI for its cost, and this large amount of profit is a good incentive to think about using email marketing software, properly to ensure the result.

  • Half of the world's population uses itHalf of the world's population uses it.

E-mail has evolved from simple messages between employees or academics to about 3.9 billion users, and this number is set to rise to 4.3 billion users by 2024.

 That is, more than half of the world's population will be on it, so investing in it is important no matter how small your business is, but the smaller your business is, the more chances it will grow from email marketing.

  • Billions of messages per day

One year ago, the number of mail sent and received per day was monitored and estimated at 293.6 billion emails per day, a large number that invites you to think about distinguishing your email sent to customers.

This number is expected to increase to 347.3 billion messages by 2022, so this growth invites you to think of it as a mechanism for marketing your products.

  • The returns achieved are significant.

For every single dollar you spend on Email Marketing! You'll generate investment returns worth 42, and it's no wonder your email marketing investment returns are rising.

 Only if you follow a good and planned email marketing strategy and study the spending and its directions.

  • An effective way to distribute content.
With such a strong return on investments! E-mail marketing becomes a way to distribute corporate content to customers that meets their needs and drives them to take specific puppies.

The latest statistics from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) show that up to 87% of marketers use email marketing to publish their content! E-mail is third in content distribution and dissemination, after networking sites and blogs.

  • Increase the number of your customers

E-mail is still the most important customer acquisition and retention feature for SMEs, according to reports 81% of SMEs still rely on e-mail, as a means of customer acquisition. And 80% of these companies use it to retain them.

Advantages of email marketing

  • Its cost is simple.

There is no single promotional tool you can use with the same usefulness, level and results as email marketing! Because it does not cost you much compared to other modern and traditional means of advertising.

  • Easy targeting.

Where to find an advertising medium that targets your audience by name! And reach directly to their private messages They modify the text based on the client's needs, wishes and behavior.

Hence this precise targeting and name creates a personal relationship between the customer and your brand! Make your audience highly targeted as well as responsive.

  • Accuracy of analyzes.

You can see if people have read mail, opened links or shared mail with other friends! You can determine the success of your campaigns in the easiest way possible at any time and around the clock all days of the week.

  • Send anywhere.

You can send an email to almost anywhere on Earth! Because email marketing knows no specific limit or scope and you can even serve your customers wherever they are.

  • Flexibility.

No other type of marketing offers the freedom to send photos, videos, texts and links! Then analyze the performance of the ad and modify it as does email marketing.

  • Instant and shareable.

Email doesn't need a complicated process to send it, it's instant and you can see its impact in minutes from the start of the campaign! Therefore, email advertising is great for convincing potential customers to make instant purchase decisions.

 Tools can also be customized to share advertising content with friends and family via email, thus creating more brand awareness.

How to do email marketing

  • Step 1: set your goal

In order to organize and set your goals durin email marketing, you need to keep in mind key aspects! It is your vision and your ability, your vision of what you want to achieve and your ability to achieve this vision with the tools you have.

  • Step 2: define your audience

It's important when marketing via email so that your campaigns pay off and you win! Try to tailor your audience accurately, by filtering and separating your email list according to

 factors that your audience shares, such as gender, age, location, and purchasing power, because by doing so you will understand each customer's need and give them exactly what they want.

  • Step 3: take care of the content

No bad content! But there is content that is suitable for your audience, your brand, and other content that does not fit.

 So the golden rule of any content you offer in email marketing, you should put yourself in the place of the person who will read that email.

And determine what value makes him consume this content! It responds to him, and most importantly in the content industry to be organized and to build an emotional connection with the reader.

  • Step 4: take care of the design.

After the fierce competition of social media sites, design is the paradox that will make your audience pay attention and be attracted to the content you offer.

 The design should be consistent with your audience, brand identity, text clarity and readability, call-to-action clarity and use of high-quality images.

  • Step five: distinguish call-to-action phrases.

The call to action phrase (CTA) is the sentence that informs the reader what he should do, to benefit from the feature, offer or service you offer him.

 And if you want your business to have a profitable return from email marketing, you should choose these short, non-repetitive and attractive sentences

  • Step 6: evaluate your campaigns.

Your email marketing campaign doesn't end when you send mail to the public, it starts here, because you need to monitor and evaluate the performance of the audience, and their consumption of the mail you sent.

 This allows you to see if your campaign is meeting the expected results and solves the problem.

Top tips to ensure successful email marketing

Before sending email marketing campaigns to your customers, try to follow these tips and rules to ensure the success of your advertising campaign:

  • Do not send randomly.

Otherwise customers will blacklist you, try instead to build a strategy based on customers entering their mail to subscribe to your newsletters.

Using the registration form or subscription box, which when the customer adds their data, the newsletters automatically turn to him.

  • Prepare the content of the message.

Put yourself in the place of the reader of this email, by equipping attractive content, good text and images, and a fun topic. 

Exclude exclamation marks, dollar signs, excessive punctuation such as intonation and other movements, and do not use much text.

To reach your purpose, it is enough to use less than 50 characters, to avoid cutting the reader's eye too much, and never lie in the title so that the reader finds different content than in the title.

  • Don't over-or under-tweet your messages.

But only as needed and on occasions, the quantity never matters, but the quality and enough to send your customers once or twice a week if you know that the offer is really interesting but not more than 3 mailings a week.

  • Welcome readers.

Do you know what percentage of your audience opens emails if your message is welcome Let us tell you that the percentage is large, about 82% if it involves a distinctive welcome style according to the platform().

 You can start from here using this to your advantage in your email campaign to your growing audience.

  • Customize the message = its success.

As previous statistics show, the average email opening rate is 20.81%. But if you customize your emails, you'll start to increase their opening rate by 50%.

 Therefore, it is great in email marketing to dedicate a line to welcoming the customer by name.

  • Remind customers of the abandoned basket.

Sending an email to remind the customer of the abandoned shopping cart is important in email marketing, as the customer went a long way in the shopping process and then left the

 site after that without buying products, you can return it by reminding him a maximum of 3 times to return to the shopping cart! This succeeds in the success of the shopping process at a rate of 69%.

  • Interactive is the future.

Since social media is now a more powerful competitor than email, then you need to increase engagement in Mail-adding videos to your email increases your mail click and conversion rates by 300%, which is a shocking number.

While setting up your email, it's also important to make sure it's mobile-friendly and responsive.

What are the best email marketing tools

email marketing tools

Now I will give you 7 important tools, in email marketing, that will make you a professional in email marketing.

  1. MailerLite
  2. MailChimp
  3. SendinBlue
  4. Campaigns Zoho
  5. benchmark email
  6. Mailify
  7. Mail jet

Mailerlite: One of the easiest and most popular email marketing services because it offers its free plan, with the possibility of sending an unlimited number of mail to a thousand subscribers.

With lots of templates, you can increase the number of people you send to by just seven dollars (they'll increase to 2,500 contacts) .

Mailchimp: It's the most popular free email marketing tool with around 15 million users, and it's often used by small businesses, and based on people's opinions, it's fast!

Sendin Blue: is a free email marketing tool in various languages including French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German.

The free email marketing plan allows you to send emails to a large number of your contacts, but with a maximum of 9,000 per month or 300 per day.

Zoho campaigns is one of the email marketing programs, its free plan is very generous because it allows you to send approximately 12,000 e-mail emails per month, to a base of up to 2,000 subscribers, and the price of paid plans is simple, because it starts at 5 per month.

benchmark email: This tool focuses on the simplicity and visual dazzle of the design at the same time and also provides you with the ability to customize email templates.It is available in eight languages.

Mailify: It is a prominent emarketing tool, and SMS, that helps you edit and design engaging mailings, with responsive templates and professional high resolution images.

You can download it for free, and the site provides you with a free version that allows you to send about 500 emails, and you can link them to Google Analytics and WordPress, and its great advantage is determined in providing free consultations in different languages.

Mail jet: One of the most popular email marketing tools ever! Serving businesses in more than 150 countries, it strives to be a global solution for all your email marketing needs. 

The free plan from this tool will let you, get an unlimited number of contacts! This is a hard feature to find in other free email marketing tools.

Risks of email marketing

Some marketers make email marketing mistakes unintentionally, these mistakes can cause businesses to lose potential customers and big profits.

 Especially email marketing brings the greatest return on investment, compared to other digital marketing channels. It is therefore essential to know how to detect these errors, and work to address them in the right ways. The errors are :

  • Send an email with a property (no reply).
  • Buy an email list.
  • Exaggerate the headline.
  • More calls for action.
  • Rely on photos only.
  • Mail is not initialized for phones.
  • Ignore the partition test.

Why is email marketing still so important?

Yes, email marketing is very important and generates a profit of a 6 dollar for every dollar you pay in this marketing process, and no matter how effective social media .marketing

 is, you can not write to people by their names and start an open dialogue with them in the way that email marketing brings you.

The most important criteria for email marketing success

E-mail marketing, is like any kind of marketing, has advantages for success, which you can distinguish to understand your success in email marketing.

1. Message opening rate

What is meant by the message opening rate here is how many users have opened the message sent out of every hundred users who received the message, For example, if you have a mailing list of 200 users.

And I sent a message, and I got a 15% open rate, which means there were 15 users who opened the message out of the 100 users who received it.

When the open rate is between 20-25% it means that you have an effective strategy, and if your email open rate is 5-10%, you need to examine your software and find areas for improvement.

To calculate CTR, take the number of recipients who clicked on your message, and divide that by the number of emails you sent.

Of course there are a lot of factors that contribute to increasing the rate of opening messages such as:

  • How the mailing list was built from the foundation.
  • How reliable is your business or brand.
  • The title of the letter and how attractive it is.

2. Repeat opening messages

Are you wondering if potential customers are interested or not? Look at how often they opened your message.

If there are so many, it means that they found your email valuable and continued to deal with it.

Clearly, they have experienced something they have found valuable to them, and it is also important to measure the time spent reading the message.

Repeating the opening of messages depends primarily on the reliability you should build between you and users.

3. Clicks on links in the message

This is in line with the repeated opening rate. Someone opened your email, what now?

Tracking clicks in your email indicates that users are interested in content, whether it's a combined product presentation, article, or short video.

Measuring clicks on the link will let you know what content and presentations are popular with your audience, and will help you develop your way of linking messages.

You should also measure the percentage of people who clicked on links from the total number of people who opened the message.

According to our previous example, if the message was opened from 15 users, how many of them clicked on the links in the message.

4. Unsubscribe rate

No one likes to refuse, but unfortunately this is part of email marketing, and the unsubscribe rate is simply the percentage of those who canceled the subscription, out of the total who received the message.

In our previous example, if 4% canceled, the cancellation rate is 4%.

If you have a high rate of unsubscribe, you need to check your email marketing strategy, because maybe your content isn't interesting, or the subject title is not attractive.

5. Conversion rate

The email conversion rate is one of the best "macro" key performance indicators you can select, while some prefer to focus on overall profitability or ROI.

The typical return on investment for e-mail marketing is 122%.

Do you know, honey, what is the roI for your ads outside the home, radio, TV or print? Let me tell you that you probably won't be able to measure roI for traditional advertising channels such as email marketing.

The number of people downloading your offer or purchasing a product from your email, these are conversions that drive sales, and allow you to continue to improve your email marketing program.

For the application in our previous example, how many of the 15 people who opened the message will purchase your product (this is in case the message contains a purchase link, for example).

How to improve email conversion rates?

There are 2 ways to improve conversion rates:

  • You can improve your presentation allocation with appropriate retail strategies and channels.
  • You can improve the mechanisms of the presentations themselves (implementing best practices such as transmission times, message addresses, etc.).


Make sure your emails are sent through a clear and well-known address, don't buy an email list, don't overwrite the email address, and don't add too many invitation requests to the action.

 Make sure the images are balanced with the text in your emails, categorize your emails into segments that suit your consumers ' diverse needs, test your emails before sending them to any customer.

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