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My name is Sumaya, and my companions call me and tell me Simsim. I am 30 years old, but my body is plump and sweet as all my family and friends tell me, especially my brother. She is married to Ibrahim, who works in import and export, which is why he spends most of the time outside Egypt. 

He loves me very much and hopes that the day he will settle down and open his own company, he will be with me. After the death of my father, I used to live with my mother at a time when my husband was traveling because he was bored, especially when I did not work.

 But the days were also boring of loneliness and very routine between shopping and helping my mother to prepare food and watching television until my mother fell asleep after taking sleeping pills, and I prefer in front of the television and my mind thinks about my nuts and the memories.

The only one who kept me happy until my husband came back was my brother who kept me busy with talking, walking and attending some social events. One day, while I was shopping, I met two of my old friends, and one of them invited me to her house to drink tea and talk a little. 

There, each one sat talking about her life, her husband, and her home, and when they found out that my husband was spending a long time away from me, they said, “Someone leaves this moon and travels” and “You are your body that is thirsty for all this time.” They sat laughing at me and talking about my pussy and my clothes. We sat laughing rigidly from this talk.


I came home, and went to my ablution to change my clothes, but I preferred without clothes, and I looked at my body in the mirror, and every part of my body was agitated. Why do I live in deprivation, who else is living in deprivation? My brother Samir, whom I cursed his wife even though he was like the moon. 

And I imagined him naked in front of me, bidding you in every part of my body. I tried to keep these thoughts out of my mind, but I couldn't. Two days later, my brother came to us and my brain is still preoccupied with these thoughts. I could not resist the idea that my brother quenches my body's thirst with his big cock. But how?

One day, after Mama took sleeping pills and fell asleep, my brother Samir came and was wearing a light T-shirt and jeans, so I went in to make him tea and put on a very short black shirt and a black siphon on the chest showing my breast because I had a large chest, and the rest of the shirt was hollow roses attached.

 Some of them mean that there is no cloth on the abdomen or the neck of the back, and chiffon over the small area that extends over the middle and buttocks. I don't wear Sotnan or Rob. And she did a new hairdo that showed the beauty of Wushi. I put Hadi's perfume.

The first time his eyes fell on my body, he sat dry on my dress, which was between my white thighs, and my nipples protruding from the shirt, and their breath taking them into his lips and between his teeth. 

  1. I asked him what do you think? He told me: He is like a moon.
  2.  I sat in front of him on the sofa, not far from him, and put a man on a man with my breasts coming out of the shirt, and my nipples calling for him.

 And in the midst of what we were talking about, I got down and opened my leg with a shiver, while I stared into his eyes, focusing on my thighs, and the view of my pussy that was in front of his eyes.

 His dick was getting bigger a little bit, and I imagined him reaching my lips and playing in my boobs, and his big cock would enter my face.

Samir, my brother, got up from his chair and sat in front of me between my legs and started getting close to my pussy until my lips were left in front of my lips. I don't feel anything but that I'm happy and excited. I was trying to mute my groans, but my pussy was fond of hija.

 Samir grabbed the hand and her bus an inch long, got up from his place and pulled me towards him and took me an inch long, which I had never tried before. 

He put his hands on the t-shirt and seemed to rub you in my ass with rigid comfort, and embraced me more. I moved my hands on his back until I entered the panties and reached his cock that was standing on my stomach.

 I started to rub him comfortably and kiss his chest. I started getting down on my feet and pooping every bit of his chest and stomach 

until I reached his buttocks, and the panties came down with comfort, and he started poking his cock hard and his skin looking lightly groans. He takes hold of my head, plays with my hair, and pulls me towards his forehead, until it all goes into my rest.

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Then he pulled me to his old abode before marriage, and he dwelt in front of the bed and lifted the hot nightgown until I felt completely naked.

 He lifted me on the bed and started to sock me and poked my neck until he reached for my boobs, in which he began squeezing his lips and cutting my nipples with my teeth, 

while my boobs were getting hot and my boobs remained more prominent than the first. I sat on the bed and let him sleep on his back and went to his cock to fill my mouth, and put my cheek on his lips so that he could fill them with my pixie.

 I can never forget those moments and the excitement I felt. Samir got up and sat on the bed and pulled me to him and made me sit on 

his legs and started to put his cock in my dress and I screamed and groaned until all of his cock got inside my dress and I started to move on his cock up and down, and his cock was hitting you hard in the side of my pussy, 

and Samir started turning around in the dress of the toy bride and in all situations until Hot milk poured into my cunt and I let out a scream of ecstasy that I'll never forget, an orgasm I've never experienced with my Nutty before, and I don't think I'll ever do it with anyone else.

Storie porno 2

A new incest story that happened to me and it was with my uncle who loves big ass and since I have a big ass like the Colombian or Brazilian butt, and the truth is that I was the 

one who seduced my uncle so that he could nick me. The story started when I found hot videos of Brazilian girls with fiery ass on my uncle's phone, which he forgot about us at 

home that day, and I knew that my uncle had fucked, even though he was married and old, and I began to wonder to myself whether my uncle had fucked. 

Is it big? Would he be satisfied if he yelled at me and we practiced incestuous sex with each other, and that's how my head was filled with obsessions and obsessions, and while I 

was like that, until my uncle's phone rang and I didn't answer it and it rang again and again until I grabbed him and opened the line 

without talking to find my uncle was the caller and told me that he was lost A phone and that this number was his number, so I 

burst out laughing and told him that I was Somaya, his niece, and here my uncle rested and told me to keep it with me and that he would come home in the evening to retrieve his phone.


And indeed my uncle came back and I handed him the phone and he held it while he was looking at me in a strange way as if he knew that I had seen the videos sex and then he returned to his house and after a week my 

uncle visited us and deliberately forgot his phone again with us and when I played the videos I found this time new videos and more Where there were ass fuck videos and big ass 

and incest videos with older men who are teenage girls and I knew that my uncle had done it on purpose until I watched the videos and that he knew that I had seen the previous 

videos and that day he did not cheer but came back at night and asked me to hand him His phone as if he knows I have it. And it happened for the third time, as my uncle left 

his phone at home, and I rushed to discover new videos of sex, and it was the biggest surprise that I never expected. And he's pointing to me to the point that he showed me his dick

I could not believe it and that night my uncle decided to stay with us and approached me at night and said are you happy because I leave the phone for you every time and I was confused in front of him as if I did not know 

about it and told him that I did not understand what he meant and he was more daring than me when he asked I wanted to tell him about my opinion in the last video, 

and he was referring to his wife, and I was sure that he wanted us to have incestuous sex and that he would intercourse with me, and 

at that moment I fell silent and did not answer him. And I felt myself frozen in front of him as I did not say a word and remained standing and my uncle seemed to lift my dress and feel my thighs in a very hot incest, then he pulled his dick out of his clothes, and his dick seemed much bigger than the reality.

And once again he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock, which was warm, hot and erect, and it was the first time I touched my cock in my life, and at that moment he put his hand on my ass and put my panties down 

and touched my ass and I felt his hand caressing my ass and hiss in my ear. . Then he lowered the panties and with a quick movement he turned me and put his dick on my ass hole quickly and started kissing me 

from my back and neck in incest with my uncle very hot and then he started entering his dick and it was very big and hot in my hole and every time my uncle spit on his fingers then He passed it on his dick and tried 

to get him in until he succeeded, and he entered his dick in my ass with difficulty, and I felt that he would kill me when I entered it, and my uncle began to nick me from my ass 

with all force as he groaned in my ear in a faint and intermittent way while he was blocking my breath and closing my mouth with his hand so that I wouldn't scream From the pain of the big dump that he planted in my ass

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And my uncle did not change the position. Rather, he kept standing behind me, intercourse with me from the anus until his milk was poured into my stomach, and I felt 

his cock ejaculate inside my ass, as the cock was beating like a heart and a very warm lava that I felt inside. Suddenly my uncle 

pulled a cock from my ass and wiped it on my buttocks and hid it in He got dressed and left after he asked me to keep the matter a secret between us, and indeed it remained that way after incestuous sex in a 

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