Best 7 e commerce analytics software 2022

Best 7 e commerce analytics software 2022

The first thing I say to every eCommerce merchant new to ecommerce, you will need to invest time in setting up an analytics tool,

 while I really recommend that analytics tools, are the first tools that any website owner should install on their site.

eCommerce analytics tools
eCommerce analytics tools

What are eCommerce analytics tools

Simply put, ecommerce analysis tools, are programs or platforms, that will tell you how correct and effective your ecommerce strategies are.

 They can track and report on a number of key metrics , including:

  1. Site traffic.
  2. Page views.
  3. Click and conversions.
  4. Spending on marketing.
  5. Return on investment in marketing.
  6. Customer engagement.
  7. Customer retention.

There are other metrics, and what you decide to track will largely depend on your business model and needs. However,

 the problem that often arises is that some people choose a small number of simple metrics, and they may lose sight of trends and patterns in the metrics they ignore.

An effective business will look at improving every area of its performance, from conversion rates to customer engagement duration. 

Choosing a good Analysis tool should be part of any strategy. You want featured reports, if it's a quarterly revenue report or call center.

To succeed from data-driven marketing, a good business will look to continually improve and adjust strategies in response to evolving markets and demographics.

 From how the Website is tailored to the customer experience, to how your campaigns target specific groups, data will always support any marketing decisions you make.

Smart decisions are usually made against the background of a good analysis of customer experiences, how they use them and interact with which platforms you use.

Why Use E-Commerce Analytics Software?

ecommerce tools will help you achieve success in your business, no matter what your business, as e-commerce is a modern model of amazing

 entrepreneurship, and you can imagine that there are some electronic stores that make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

What about you Have you reached this point Or are you still looking for e-commerce tools to make your way to success and big profit, in order to grow and expand your business you need your e-commerce tools, digital tools are essential: 

  • Marketing tools to help you gain more customers.
  •  Analysis tools to understand your audience and improve your strategy.

  •  Competitors search tools to understand your competitors and their strategies and many more as well.

In this article, I'm going to share with you seven essential eCommerce analytics tools that will help you improve your business results and make a lot of money.

:7 of the best analysis tools

  • KISSmetrics
  • RetentionGrid
  • Metrilo
  • clicky
  • Adobe Experience Cloud
  • Google Analytics
  • crazyegg

KISSmetrics 1

If you are looking for a comprehensive ecommerce analysis solution, you can kissmetrics, it really should be your first stop, the company offers a powerful analytics tool, providing really good information that helps you increase customer acquisition rates, and retention.

 With the detailed information provided, you can make better decisions, not only about planning but also about marketing your online store.

RetentionGrid 2

Another analytics software that is almost always mentioned in the same sentence as kissmetrics is RetentionGrid what's great about retensio is the fact that it provides data in easy-to-understand color-coded graphs.

 Moreover, they give suggestions on how best to reach the different sectors, in other words, which type of marketing works best, as well as which campaigns will get the best results depending on your visitors.

Metrilo 3

Metrillo is the best actionable analytics platform, not only with analytics, but with integrated CRM, email marketing systems. This allows you to immediately see and act on reports.

This tool also comes with retention analysis, which can help you understand your customers ' lifecycle, and can also help you send out marketing materials in a timely manner.

 And it can help you turn one - time buyers into the salty family-a rare feature in the usual analytics solutions .

In short, Metrilo provides you with ecommerce analytics that will help you fine-tune your marketing activities, and boost sales.

Also, meterlo integrates well with WooCommerce, maginto and Shopify and synchronizes historical data, which means once integrated, you'll feel just as if you've had meterlo all along.

clicky 4

One thing that makes clicky, very common is the fact that it is very easy to use that is no matter how experienced you are you will still be able to use this analytics tool. 

One aspect that sets clicky apart from its main competitors is the first-hand information available to webmasters, large and small.

Adobe Experience Cloud 5

Adobe Experience Cloud, another powerful analytical tool frequently used by large ecommerce stores. However before you go ahead and spend a truckload of money please

 pay attention to the fact that it requires considerable knowledge of the app, in order to set it up properly and it could end up being a very expensive affair before you get the data you need.

adobe experience cloud debugger, takes you away from many other tools, and I recommend them too.

Google Analytics 6

Compiling a list of the best analytics tools without mentioning Google Analytics is like mentioning Italy without saying pizza or pasta. Google Analytics, perhaps,

 is one of the most popular web analysis tools used by website owners from all over the world.

 The only drawback is that in order to get really detailed reports, you really need to spend a lot of time tuning various gadgets. Thanks to the popularity of the tool,

 there are literally hundreds of tutorials on the web, and also thanks to the popularity of the tool, it can be easily integrated into many e-commerce platforms.

Google analytics ecommerce by me is the best solution, in ecommerce analysis

crazyegg 7

Crazyegg is not an analytical solution for e-commerce like the rest of the solutions mentioned on this list, instead, it can really be used on almost any website.

 What makes this software better than many other solutions, is the fact that it offers some very comprehensive and easy-to-use graphs. 

Moreover, the company offers information in the form of thermal maps, which can be used to examine which areas of your website you need to focus on and which areas your visitors simply ignore.


At the end of this article, I hope that I actually gave you the desired benefit that you are used to in the Marketing Manager blog, and in conclusion if you have any query, or know a useful tool, please let us know in a comment.

 I would also like to point out again that the tools in this article are not the only ones on the scene, there are hundreds of tools, and I do not exaggerate if I say hundreds because this is a fact. 

In this guide, however, I was keen to touch upon the e-commerce analytics tools that we have used personally, or that others have used and praised for their quality and power.

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