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In September 2017, in a village belonging to the city of Mit Ghamr in the Dakahlia Governorate, north of the Egyptian capital, a fiftieth Nabila woke up to the news of the arrest of her 20-year-old son, a mechanic, Mahmoud, against the background of an affair he had with one of the girls.

Egyptian society often ignores talk of extramarital affairs. But as soon as he begins to address them, he is divided into two groups: one is a societal one, who adopts a viewpoint that condemns and prosecutes its owners under the pretext of "ethics and virtue", and the other is a legalist, who denounces social norms and views them as restrictions.

Sex is prohibited... Sex without marriage is "forbidden"

Nabila arrived at the home of her seventy-year-old neighbor, Ferial, after the latter explained to her the purpose of our interview. She entered, covering her plump body and tall stature, with a brown cloak, and tying a simple veil over her head, like most women in the place.

At first, she did not name the incident. She only said, "I woke up, they said your son is such-and-such." She opens her mouth, then closes it quickly, unable to describe her feelings on that day, indicating that she wished death for him and herself.

What happened is that the people of one of the village girls discovered her pregnancy, and knew that the father was Mahmoud, so they called him to their house with a trick, and then took him to the police station in the city.

Nabila tells that her three other sons came from Saudi Arabia, where they work as construction workers, to help in the "disaster" that befell the house. She switched off her phone, and a fever lay her in bed for days.

At first, Nabila told me that was all she knew about the story, and that she was not sure if the relationship was consensual or rape.

Nabila, an illiterate woman, was prevented from taking the primary school exams because it coincided with harvest time. Her parents were devoted to farming, the source of the family's income, so they assigned her to take care of her younger sister and other household chores.

Nabila repeated the same scenario with her children, out of fear of losing control of their movement: "They were in middle school when a complaint came from one of our neighbors in Ghait (the field). They took beans from his land with their colleagues. I said, No, I must join them."

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For many years, she thought that she had behaved well with them, before her children were drawn into the current of "disappointed children", as she put it, but now she feels that she "has scared them, lost them in their ways, and just like what happened."

“I am 25 years old and my feelings towards my mother are not the sons of his mother, and I do not even know what to write to you in the first place.

… It is too open to wear at home, on the street, and on the sea, and people always wear it and I am tired of that.

What I say to you is translated into actions from me at home, I mean with her, but I do not have the courage to speak to you or explain.”

Dear admirer of his mother,

Are you sexually attracted to your mother because you really find her sweet, seductive, and charming?

Or are you resentful of her choices in life, starting with her clothes and even her treatment of people?

What does a young man of your age do at home? Are you not studying? Isn't it working? Don't you have friends? Don't you feel attracted to people your age?

  • So many questions that knowing the answer to them won't help me answer you!
  • If you really want to have sex with your mom, know that you're not the first!
  • Tales of male sons sexually related to their mother and vice versa fill books, novels and films!

King Oedipus, Antigone, Sons and fans of DH Lawrence and the other movie! They may be a curse, a prophecy, a mental illness, or an obsession, but they are not unique occurrences!

My advice to you in either case is to speak frankly with your mother!

The study of incest has attracted sociologists, and there are many theories confirming that religions and customs are behind the prohibition of incest so that the father does not kill his son and the daughter does not kill her father. And society!

The papers of psychiatrists also documented many cases of pathological jealousy of a father over his daughter or a brother over his sister.

Societies also differed in defining incest. For example, in Egypt, cousins ​​are not incest, but in some American states, consanguineous marriage is considered a crime and is considered forbidden by some!

  1. If you refuse her clothes at home, on the street, and on the sea, know that this is not your right!
  2. What can appear from a fifty-year-old woman - at least - to excite a twenty-five-year-old man?

What can your mother wear when you go down the street in the crowd? What can you wear on the beach that other ladies don't wear on the beach? What do you do with your years and your youth?

My advice to you in either case is to speak frankly with your mother! yes! Gather up your courage and energize your masculinity and tell her, “I find you sexy Mom! I love you, Mom!"

Tell her that her summer nightgown excites you, her winter pants excite you, and her bathing suit excites you! Tell her you want to take her and see a reputable psychiatrist so they can help you get over your conflicting feelings for your mom!

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