What is search engine marketing SEM how it works?

What is search engine marketing SEM how it works?

Search engine marketing  ( SEM ) is one of the most effective ways to accelerate the growth of your business in an competitive market with millions of others

What is SEM

Big companies are racing millions of dollars to attract people's eyes and not get away from looking at them in the internet, which is what

 has made search engine marketing more important than ever, as the most effective way to promote your products and grow your business. 

In this comprehensive guide you will learn what it is and we will give you tips on how to create a website and apply criteria to help you market your services or products correctly via search engines .

What does SEM mean?

It is the use of search engines to market your brand either with paid ads PPC that appear on search engine results pages or by improving the visibility of your activity in the results in an unpaid (organic) way. 

And the way this marketing works is simply to enter companies in an auction of the top words, which the user is looking for when searching for a particular service or product. 

The company that pays the most will of course reserve the first place in the ad appears side by side, or in results ahead of the normal search results.

These ads are known as pay-per-click ads and come in various forms, some of which are small text ads.

While others appear as a list of products called Shopping ads, because they are product-based and allow consumers to see important information at a glance, such as price and the address of the advertiser.

What are the types of search engine marketing

Types of search engine marketing are limited to unpaid optimization which is known as search engine optimization. Paid advertising or so called PPC.

  1. Paid advertising – Pay Per Click
  2. Unpaid – search engine optimization
  3. Difference between SEO and SEM

Paid advertising – Pay Per Click

In this type pay per click or take action by the target audience. It is based on a text ad that appears at the top of search results, when someone searches for the target word in the ads. 

And in those ads you pay only on clicks only. And you can make those ads through Google ads or any other network, I recommend Google is the best.

Unpaid – search engine optimization

SEO relies on showing your site, or your content naturally on the first pages ofSERPssearch results without paying any expense. 

Search engine optimization is a type of search engine marketing.D, which is an unpaid type. It is done by writing exclusive content of high quality, with the aim of appearing naturally at the top of search results without ads.

Difference between SEO and SEM

The difference between SEO and SEM lies in that search engine marketing is pushing in search engine advertising, in order to target search engine visitors from customers.

 SEO is the free process in which unique and exclusive content is written to the top of the results naturally and without payment.

 To appear at the top of search results naturally, content must adhere to different rules applied by SEO professionals and experts..

Improving your visibility in non-paid search results or through paid search engine ads are both parallel processes, meaning you should do them together as part of a complete plan.

 Search engine optimization is a powerful way to increase traffic on your site. It is also a powerful way of your reputation by introducing people to your brand. 

Paid search engine marketing is useful for those who are looking for your service now and are excited to buy it, and need it without the need for further persuasion.

How search engine marketing works

  • : the keywords from the advertiser and the ones the audience is looking for and from which the ad will be launched are determined.
  •  The advertiser determines the budget that he will pay for each click in a tender between him and competitors and who pays more as his ad will appear at the top.
  •  by clicking on the ad, you will pay the value you set for each click, whether the customer bought or not

Benefits of search engine marketing

The benefits of search engine marketing are as follows:

  • Quickly reach your customers.
  • Spread your brand more widely.
  • The ability to manage the schedule of ads easily from Google ads.
  • Better targeting of target customer segments.
  • Increase website traffic by appearing on top of SRPSs search results.
  • You can match the ad with keywords and target audiences through them.
  • Ads appear for free and you are only charged when customers take action.
  • You have the highest keyword results for competitors.
  • Analyze and measure performance and modify it to reach the best result.

One of the most important benefits of search engine marketing as an advertiser is the opportunity to place your ads in front of your customers who are looking for you and are excited to buy from you and ready to make an instant purchase.

 So you have to be waiting for them because customers are not waiting in a competitive world and there is really no way better than this in its effectiveness and power can do it.

Importance of search engine marketing 

The importance of search engine marketing is to promote your business, services, and products and to appear more and to a larger number of search engine users.

 This ensures the spread of your brand, and increase your sales directly, ads direct customers directly to your landing pages, through which they enter the sales journey that you have already prepared for them until they complete the identity purchase or subscribe to your business.

The importance of search engine advertising is summed up in its many benefits as mentioned above. Where the marketing expert initializes search engines to develop an advertising campaign in which he targets certain keywords. 

When a person searches with the same word, the ad appears in the first search results. In those cases, the chance to click on the ad and complete the purchase is very high. 

Which the success of your business and increase the spread of your brand online.

Search engine marketing strategy

The goal of creating a search engine marketing strategy is to make the most of your paid ads.

And in order to put this strategy firmly in place, it's important that you control the variables on which the success of your campaigns depends! Whether it's the keywords, the budget or the content of the ad itself,to develop a strong strategy you need to do the following:

  • Accuracy in keyword selection
  • Volume of competition for keywords
  • Organize your account and advertising campaigns
  • Content writing
  • Attention to landing pages
  • Evaluation of advertising performance

Accuracy in keyword selection 1

The first and most important step in search engine marketing! It is the choice of keywords accurately because it is they that will guide you to success through the ease of finding customers when searching with this word. 

Thus, your success in search engine marketing depends mainly on finding the right keyword to start a tender on it and choose a budget for it.

To choose the right keywords, we recommend that you do a sorting process for all the keywords associated with your services and products, and a Keyword Planner will help facilitate this task.

Volume of competition for keywords 2

If none of the customers are searching with your chosen keyword, no one will care about the ad and the result will be zero.

 At the same time, if you choose large search terms, you will need to pay much more than you can imagine because there are many competitors who can pay.

So when you choose a keyword, you need to look for the size of the search for it and the amount of competition for it.

Organize your account and advertising 3 campaigns

Of course you can collect all the keywords associated with your services and products, and put them in one ad! But highly searched keywords will eat up your budget, because you'll pay per click.

The solution is to manage and organize your account and campaigns! Remember that Google lets you control advertising, budget and keywords dramatically! This flexibility makes you decide what you want to work and what you don't.

And don't forget to test different versions of ads and advertising that provides sales rates is what is supposed to complement you.

Content writing 4

The difference of the advertising message is what distinguishes you from others, and the success of advertising after keywords, depends on the way you wrote it! In general, advertising when marketing via search engines consists of 3 parts! She:

  1.  Ads title
  2.  Web page address
  3.  URL and description!

The customer doesn't care about your chosen keyword! But his impression depends on the text written in a unique and distinctive way and asks him to take a certain action at the same time.

Attention to landing pages 5

After you have selected keywords and written a distinctive text for your ad, it remains to care about the landing pages, as it is important to put a link to the landing page in your ad rather than a link to your entire site or store.

This page focuses on the goal you want from the customer, through the simple design and attractive and compelling text!

 In order to take advantage of each customer visit, you should put a link to a strong landing page with a clear address, a form of customer communication and a repeated call for action!

Evaluation of advertising performance 6

You don't end up just launching an ad, but you have to monitor, track and evaluate the performance of your ads when marketing through search engines in order to improve the performance of these ads so that your paid budget does not go to waste.

If conversions are good, by evaluating and improving campaign performance, conversions or sales can be excellent!

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Tips for successful search engine marketing

  • Starting a search engine advertising journey can be daunting and stressful, and these wilt tips for you to succeed your campaigns:
  • Choose keywords carefully and study your site and customers thoroughly.
  • Target your customers geographically to reach potential customers more quickly.
  • Identify and avoid negative words that you don't want your ad to appear when customers search for. 

At marketing manager, we learned about the importance of search engine ads that drive traffic on your site. 

Thus, you increase sales in the long run as a result of appearing in the top results for a long time by including the most important keywords that are relevant to your activity.

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