How can I create an online store for free?

How can I create an online store for free?

create an online store

Today's topic is the definition of online store, and how to create a free online store without experience ?

create an online store

Free Online Store! It may seem difficult to achieve, but after reading this article, you will know how to create a free online store easily and without complexity.

What if you knew that in 2016, the United States saw a net profit of 400 billion US dollars from e-commerce.

 What if you are part of e-commerce and participate in the online sale through a free online store, doesn't it look really cool؟

A bunch of questions are circulating in abundance lately from people interested in me e-commerce such as:

  1. How to create a free online store
  2. How to create a free online store
  3. How to get an online store

Well, now we will introduce you to the mechanism of creating a free online store, in order to help you get a professional electronic market through which you contribute to doubling your sales and strengthening your financial factor.

I will tell you in this article all the details of a set of inquiries are:

  • Definition of the online store.
  • How to make a free online store. 
  • How to choose the most suitable platform to create an online store.
  • What are the steps to get a free online store “mini-store”
  • The method of activating the store, listing and displaying products.
  • Contracting with shipping companies.
  • Linking with electronic payment methods.
  • How to get a free online store for life provided in the electronic payment gateway. 
  • Various services and advantages in e-commerce help you in the success of your business and expand your trade.
  • The importance of having an application for your online store.

What is online store

It is a specialized e-commerce website that allows displaying, selling and promoting products through distinctive and smart electronic methods and methods. 

It is also an electronic portal for the exchange of experience between the poles of the world, meaning that today through the online store you can get any product, no matter what . 

It also allows you to sell your products to any customer who wants them, even if he is on the other side of the planet.

The online store is a real revolution in the world of technology, as it greatly facilitated the processes of achieving needs and developing projects and commercial activities.

 Especially in recent years, it has become the focus of attention of many people who aspire to work in commerce, especially that the creation of an online store is simple and does not require much effort, as we will see now.

How to make a free online store:

Getting a free online store is simple, it's just an electronic platform that supports the offer and sale of products, services and paying for them electronically.

The online store through which you can display your products and sell them online “online”, which helps you develop and expand your business, as e-commerce allows you to exchange services and products electronically without any barriers in terms of distance or time.

Since after the virtual world was invested in the development of trade, the store has become a gateway to the whole world and its field of spread has expanded,

 and e-commerce has developed rapidly over the past few years and its growth has accelerated to become a leader in all countries of the world.

It is really tempting for your trade to hit any geographical spot in the globe while sitting at home, there are many companies and sites that offer the possibility of opening a Free Online Store account, let's take a closer look at them.

Well, you must want to know about the way to get started immediately, before this what if you knew that there are some online stores that take a profit of thousands of dollars a month! It's easy for you to get this if you take the right path to create a free and professional online store.

Your lack of technical and informational experience is not a major problem, as you can deal with one of the leading sites in the field of e-commerce as an invoice site that helps you sell online by providing a free online store with hosting and ready-made and attractive designs!

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Create a free online store using WooCommerce platform

WooCommerce is a free add-on for WordPress sites that allows you to easily turn your WordPress site into a free online store, integrated in terms of functionality and readiness to display products, sell and receive profits .

And one of the most important advantages of the WooCommerce platform is that it is a completely free platform by ١٠٠% and open source, that is

 you do not need to pay any costs in order to create an online store using WooCommerce.

  Just install the wocommerce extension on your WordPress site and your online store will be ready in a few minutes .

1-Choosing an online store name (store domain address )

The first step of creating your store is to choose a suitable online store name, and then book your domain, as the domain address of your online store is considered as a brand that will distinguish your online store from other websites on the internet.

Your domain address should be as short as possible, easy to memorize and pronounce and express the specialization of your store .

If you want to get a professional free domain address for a whole year, you can get it from the Bluehost website when subscribing to the hosting service.

Important tips for every e-trader to choose a professional domain address :

  1. Do not delay booking the domain.
  2. You shouldn't take too long to choose..
  3. Treat the domain as a trademark.
  4. Choosing a domain address is easy and short.
  5. Choosing a domain name indicates the specialization of your online store .

2 - Get hosting for your store

Hosting is the place where your online store files will be stored, and it is a hosting site that you subscribe to to get the service. 

And there are a lot of sites that provide hosting services, but if you want to get the best hosting for your store and at the best price.

 Our advice to you is to subscribe to Bluehost hosting, which is relied on by a very large number of e-store owners in United States.

Steps to get Bluehost hosting

Web hosting

 Frist To register for Bluehost hosting, we go to the official Bluehost hosting website from this link (special discount 65% + free domain) and .click on the GET STARTED button

Create account online store free

  After that, we choose the hosting plan that suits the needs of your e-store ( BASIC plan ) is the most popular and most used and is enough to create one e-store.

 Therefore , we will select them in this explanation, and in case you want to create more than one store, you choose a higher plan or the plan that suits you.

2, we choose the domain address of the online store that you will get for free with Bluehost hosting, as well as if you already have a domain address that you can add in this step .

3, we add personal information such as name, address, Country, phone number, and email in order to create a new hosting account.

4, we determine the hosting period whether you want to subscribe to hosting for 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months, and the longer you choose the hosting plan, the bigger discount you will get .

5, we cancel the selection of all the options in this step, as they are additional services that we do not currently need and can be dispensed with in order to reduce the cost of subscribing to the overall hosting .

How create online store free

6, we add our electronic payment card information such as card number, PIN number, expiration date and finally, we agree to the Bluehost hosting terms and click on the SUBMIT button To complete the registration in Bluehost .

Congratulations, Bluehost hosting has been successfully obtained, we have obtained high-quality hosting at a very low cost and we have obtained a free domain with hosting, and WordPress will be automatically installed on your online store.

3-Install WordPress

WordPress is the tool that will enable us to create a free online store in less than five minutes, as it is a free and open source tool and is used by more than 32% of existing websites .

If you are using Bluehost hosting, congratulations to you, as you do not need to install WordPress yourself and it can be installed automatically and with just one click from inside the hosting control panel.

And you can log in to the Bluehost hosting control panel using the username and password that you will receive in a message to the email that you used during registration in the hosting .

From here, you can access the main WordPress control panel by clicking on the edit set button located in the control panel .

4-install WooCommerce extension

After completing the installation of WordPress, we move on to the next step, which is to install the WooCommerce extension, which is the best way to create a free online store using WordPress.

You can easily create an online store using WordPress + WooCommerce, where you can install the WooCommerce extension from within the WordPress main control panel, as in the image below.


After completing the installation of the WooCommerce template you want (the Astra template in this example), you will have a free and professional online store ready to start adding products.

 And start selling, and it remains only to add the final touches to your store and its appearance becomes as in the photo below .

5-adjust your store settings

After completing the installation and activation of the WooCommerce add-on, the steps for setting up the online store will begin automatically.

 And in case you didn't start or you skipped it, you will find the start button to adjust the store settings at the top of the main page of the WordPress control panel .

  • 1 step will ask you to enter basic information about your online store, such as the country where the store is located and your address or your store .
  • 2 step, you will be asked to enter basic information about your online store, such as the domain of the online store and the type of products .
  • In the 3 step, WooCommerce will ask you to decide whether you want to sell physical products or downloadable digital products .
  • In the 4 step , you will be asked to specify the number of products you want to sell on your store, and whether you have another online store .

This is how your online store is ready and it remains only to choose the template that suits you from a large selection of free templates available .

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6-add products to your store

The next stage is to add your products to the online store, which is an easy process, especially in the WooCommerce store, where you add the name and description of the product, the price and some basic information about the product .

In this lesson, we got acquainted with the most famous online store creation platform and also got acquainted with its characteristics and advantages and what makes it distinct from other platforms .

Now is your time to decide and choose the platform that best suits the needs of your store and start your first steps in the field of working online by creating your own online store.

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