YouTube SEO: steps to make your Videos Top purely results

YouTube SEO: steps to make your Videos Top purely results

SEO YouTube are steps that you should learn, in order to improve your ranking in pure results. 

SEO YouTube course

Getting more views is the goal of many YouTube channel owners, especially beginners, there are a lot of YouTube channel

 Owners who get tired and strive to make useful purposeful videos, and then they are shocked when they find that all this effort was for 100 or 200 views at most.

All this happens because many channel owners do not rely on YouTube SEO , which is a set of steps that make the YouTube platform work in order to increase the views of your videos with a very simple effort.

Whether this is your first time hearing this term or not, I want you to know that this comprehensive guide on YouTube SEO will not be like any other source you have seen before.

In this guide you will learn about:

  1. What is SEO in general, and what is YouTube SEO in particular.
  2. How the YouTube search engine works.
  3. The most important factors that YouTube relies on in evaluating videos.
  4. The most important YouTube SEO tools that you should rely on.
  5. Practical tips for increasing the views of your YouTube channel.
  6. How to properly apply YouTube SEO to your videos and to your channel.

That's why I advise you to check out the entire guide, because you will find a lot of information between the lines, which will make you get the most out of YouTube SEO.

What is SEO in general

Since you are looking for YouTube SEO, surely you know that the word  (SEO) is an abbreviation for (Search Engine Optimization), which means Search Engine Optimization.

But what many people don't know is that SEO is not only linked to the Google search engine, SEO is linked to any search engine.let me explain to you what I mean.

SEO is: it is about adjusting your content so that it is ready to appear in the first results when searching using certain keywords.

All search engines rely on many factors in order to search its database, and through these factors, it ranks the results in order to give the user the best possible results that suit him.

Let me give you some examples:

  • When searching on Google Maps: the results are sorted by your geographical location, customer rating, opening hours, and other factors.
  • When searching on online stores: the results are sorted by product description, product photos, seller rating, and other factors.
  • When searching on YouTube: the ranking is based on the video title, video description, content, interaction with the video, and other factors.

Therefore, if you own a commercial or service store (restaurant - maintenance services), and you know how Google Maps SEO works (or as it is called Local SEO), you will be able to get more customers.

And if you sell anything on any online store (Jumia-Amazon), and master its SEO, you will be able to achieve more sales.

The same applies to YouTube, the more you master the YouTube SEO, the more views you get from the search, and therefore your profit rate from YouTube increases.

What is YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO is the process of adjusting and optimizing your YouTube channel videos, so that they top the search results for keywords related to the video, which your audience is interested in.

For example, if your channel is talking about cooking, technology, or economic information, you will need to know the keywords that YouTube visitors use in these areas.

That is, until you make content around it, and then adjust and optimize this content until it tops the first results.

This is in a nutshell what you will learn how to do step by step in this complete guide about YouTube SEO, but before that you should learn some information about how YouTube itself works.

How YouTube filters videos

As I mentioned earlier, each search engine depends on several factors in the ranking of results, for this let's dive into knowing some of the most important of these factors for the YouTube search engine.

  1. Viewing time
  2. Interaction with video
  3. Video title
  4. Meta tags
  5. Video description
  6. Click rate

How YouTube's algorithms understand and evaluate any video

YouTube relies on many algorithms: each algorithm has a specific role to play until a final rating comes out for each video, on the basis of which this video is nominated to users.

Note: an algorithm in computer science is a set of specific code that is executed on a computer in order to perform a certain task.

When a YouTube channel posts a new video, the following happens:

  • Some YouTube algorithms understand the content of the video itself, by reviewing its file in addition to analyzing the title and description.
  • Some other algorithms filter this video to a specific number of followers of this channel, in order to make an initial assessment of the video by the factors we mentioned earlier, Such as click rate or time of views and impressions.
  • There are some other algorithms that are responsible for knowing the viewing patterns of each user, in order to filter videos that suit the topics and people he follows on YouTube.

Based on this data, all videos on the YouTube platform are evaluated in order to filter videos in various places such as:

  1. Search results pages on YouTube or regular Google search.
  2. Suggested videos.
  3. The main page.

And that was in short what you should know about how YouTube works, and how it filters videos so that users stay as long as possible on YouTube to watch ads so that YouTube earns more.

SEO YouTube in 7 steps

Based on all of the above, you should know that whenever:

  • You understood your audience more and knew what topics they wanted to watch.
  • It made the audience react to the content you provide.
  • YouTube has made understanding your videos easier.

This will make YouTube algorithms work for you so that they filter your videos more.

Now it's time to move on to the practical steps that you need to follow in order to take advantage of these algorithms - especially search - based ones-to get more views.

Now the 7 most important steps you must master to become a master of YouTube SEO:

  1. Search for keywords in the right ways.
  2. Use the SEO tools of YouTube, get ahrefs website.
  3. Keywords for YouTube analytics
  4. When you enter the YouTube Studio and click on any video, you will be able to see the sources of the views you have received.:
  5. Adjust the video about the keyword after uploading it to YouTube
  6. Thumbnail file name
  7. Look for opportunities to get backlinks for your videos.

Adjust your channel to increase the number of followers

YouTube depends on the brand and its strength, or as we call it in the world of YouTube SEO Authority, the more your channel tops the search results for several keywords.

 It also brings new followers the more YouTube is keen for your new videos to top the search results because it has come to trust your channel.

Remember that YouTube wants users to stay on YouTube as long as possible, which is why it will promote any channel or video that helps it achieve that goal.


In the end, I wish you success in your journey with SEO YouTube, and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave it to us in the comments.

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