Difference between e marketing and digital marketing 2022

Difference between e marketing and digital marketing 2022

Today we will talk about what is difference between digital marketing and e marketing, definition, methods and features. 

Difference between e marketing and digital marketing

In the marketing language, the differences between the term e-marketing versus digital marketing have become blurred, as not much differentiates between thème. 

But from an application and academic point of view, it will become clear that there are some nuances between e-marketing and digital marketing.

In short, digital marketing is more comprehensive than others and e-marketing is one of its branches.

 difference between digital marketing and e marketing 

E-marketing is not much different from digital marketing, they both work on the same principles and goals, which is online shopping and digital devices.

However, digital marketing is a different term from E-Marketing, where e-marketing is a branch of digital marketing, which includes internet marketing methods only.

We know that access to the Internet includes the use of electronic digital devices such as computers and laptops, unlike digital marketing, which includes marketing methods on all digital devices,

 Including electronics such as computers, laptops, and others such as radio, TV, digital games, and digital monitors.

E-Marketing focuses almost exclusively on analyzing online traffic and directing it in order to increase sales.

 While it is clear that digital marketing is more focused on increasing brand visibility and thus gaining traffic and not on building relationships online.

digital marketing

Digital marketing is a broad term that encompasses the marketing activities of all digital devices, including online and offline.

Digital marketing techniques focus on spreading brand recognition through multiple electronic platforms, without expecting customer interaction in return.

Digital marketing methods

  • Digital marketing includes all types of internet marketing such as email marketing, search engine optimization, paid advertising on the internet, and social media marketing.
  • And advertising on digital devices, unlike advertising on the internet.In it, the digital marketer relies in advertising the product on digital devices connected to the internet, such as phones or computers, or not connected to the internet.
  • And advertising on television,this type of marketing is the most common and the best in results.Television is one of the favorite digital devices among the general public .
  • And audio advertising on the radio, this type of digital marketing has been and remains popular and reliable for some companies .

Advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing

  • Advantages

  1. Multi method, as it is a broad and comprehensive term for all other types of marketing.
  2. Digital marketing methods usually express the quality and trust of the brand.

  • disadvantages

  1. Some methods are not strictly targeted to customers, such as internet marketing.
  2. It needs a lot of contracts and work, unlike e-marketing.
  3. Some methods are not large scale, reaching a small number of customers.
  4. In some digital devices there is no tracking, or analysis of customer behavior.
  5. Digital advertising on TV or radio, you miss interacting with customers and creating relationships with them.
  6. Focus on brand awareness more than increasing sales.
  7. Unlike electronic marketing methods, digital marketing via télévision, billboards or radio is very expensive.


E-Marketing includes a variety of tools and channels to reach a wide audience, via the internet.

This type of marketing includes a lot of tools with which it is possible to analyze the behavior of customers, track them and reach them to the farthest limits easily.

E-Marketing aims to reach potential customers through websites or applications where they spend most of their time.

E marketing methods

  • By e-mail, where companies can send product updates and deals to their customers, by mailing lists.
  • Advertising through social networking sites, which target potential customers based on their browsing history and interests.
  • E-Marketing includes the method of paid advertising on the internet, both on search engines and on electronic applications through advertising platforms.
  • Search engine optimization “seo", in which the marketer relies on free electronic marketing on the internet, by creating a distinctive website of the brand, and publishing content of appropriate quality to the SEO rules.
  • Content on the internet, in which the marketer relies on promoting produits through content by reference or Backlink.

Advantages and disadvantages of e marketing

  • Advantages

  1. One of the advantages of e-marketing is to analyze the behavior of customers and find out their interests.
  2. Ability to track and study advertising campaigns.
  3. Reach a larger number of customers.
  4. Determine the targeting to reach potential customers through some tools.
  5. Having an online presence increases customer confidence in your products or services .

  • disadvantages
  1. This type of marketing has a high and difficult compétition.
  2.  It can be difficult to stand up to competitors to get to the same customers.
  3. There are a number of legal considerations around the collection and use of customer data for digital marketing purposes.
  4. E-marketing needs experience in dealing with marketing tools.

Find what suits you

Ultimately, both types of marketing have their advantages and disadvantages, but the key is to understand your specific marketing needs, consider your budget and understand your target audience.

In the end, it is important to understand that the most accurate term for what is currently widespread among people is (e-marketing), but this does not mean that the word digital marketing is wrong.

Especially since it is more comprehensive and broader and actually contains e-marketing, now I have known the difference between digital and electronic marketing and it's time to start professionalizing these emerging fields.

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