What is the importance of keywords for sitweb

What is the importance of keywords for sitweb

Today's article talks about keywords, their importance and types, and how to use keywords to improve your site's ranking

importance of keywords

Keywords are very important for any article, as the visitor relies on them in the process of searching for the desired article or content.

They are words and sentences that define the subject of the page content, and in SEO language, they are the words and sentences that people search for in search engines.

Keyword selection is the skill of finding words and phrases that people enter in search engines in order to use them in the content of your pages.

These words are all elements for the writer person, so he should direct his focus on how to choose and select keywords as well.

 It succeeds in increasing the demand of visitors to read articles, in addition, it occupies the competitive side between the authors of these articles and other articles in all search engines .

Are keywords still important for SEO

The importance of choosing keywords is not limited to content creation, but also includes all promotional and marketing activities.

 Including content marketing and email marketing, it also helps to improve pay-per-click advertising, and understand competitors. 

Monitoring the keywords your competitors are targeting can help you build your content strategy.

In the past, the keyword selection strategy was simple, all you had to do was stuff the content of your site with a lot of words that you expected people to search for.

 Exams will ensure that the pages of your site will rise to the top of the search results pages on Google. 

The quality of the content was less important than the density of the keywords.

Things have changed a lot , and this strategy is not working now. On the contrary, Google is punishing overfill, so the wise choice of keywords is very important, and it is no less important than the quality of the content itself.

The importance of keyword selection has increased with recent developments in the internet world, for example:

  • People are now using mobile devices that offer smart assistant services, such as Google Assistant. 

This means that people will use natural language in asking questions, and not just writing search sentences.

  • Google offers the feature of instant answers in the answer boxes, which are selected based on the quality of the content and the selection of appropriate keywords.
  • In the old days, it was important to write the content you were looking for accurately, as you would only get pages in the search results that contained exactly the keywords searched for.

Types of keyword research

  • Short key words.
  • Lengthy keywords.

Short key words.

It consists of 3 words or less, and it has a high demand in search engines, and although the search for one word is an important goal because the search for it is high, but the competition for it is intense.

Lengthy keywords.

It consists of four or more words, is more specialized, usually explains its purpose with great accuracy, but has a slightly low turnout in search engines, and is the only source of visitors or traffic on the World Wide Web.

The key factor here is specificity, the longer the sentence, the more specific it is, and the search results for it in search engines will be less, which means that the chance of competing and converting traffic will be better.

How to use and choose keywords:

  • How to use and choose keywords: you should prepare a list of topics related to your content or project.
  • Think about the topics in which you want to get an advanced ranking in the search engine results.
  •  You can come up with 5-10 topics that you consider important for your project, after that you will have to extract keywords from them.
  •  In other words, put yourself in the place of a researcher, what topics do you think your target audience is interested in

For example , if your site specializes in e-marketing automation, these are some keywords that can be targeted:

  1. E-marketing tools.
  2.  The best e-marketing tools.
  3.  Automation of e-marketing.
  4.  What is the meaning of e-marketing automation.
  5. Bring visits.
  6. Email marketing.

And other keywords that are likely to be searched for by people interested in the topic of your site, which in this case is e-marketing.

The goal at this stage is not to create a final list of keywords, but rather to create a list of sentences and ideas that you think your target audience will use to find content related to the topics you identified in the first stage،

Tools that help you get keywords

  1. Google search engine
  2. Google Search Console
  3. Google analytics
  4. Google Keyword Planner
  5. Google Trends
  6. Ubersuggest
  7. SmartKeyword

These tools help you a lot to search for keywords. Many tools tell you about the phrases that users type on search engines, these tools tell you if you can put the content on the first page.

Use Google suggestions

Many have a hard time with SEO because they are targeting highly competitive keywords.

 For example, some of them want to create content about weight loss , "sports" or other famous words that millions of websites compete for. 

Can you really show up on the first page of search results when you target these words The answer is: yes, of course, you can, but it may take years to come true.

 Therefore, the best solution is to resort to long keywords long keywords are, as expressed by the name, long phrases (4 words or more) used by information seekers in Google and other search engines.

 They are often less competitive, which makes it easier for them to be ranked on the first page of search pages.

 If you are new to SEO, then it is advisable to start with long, less difficult keywords.

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