best tools for keyword extraction

best tools for keyword extraction

If you own a website or an online store, you should be fully aware of the importance of using keywords, when creating content for your website.

tools for keyword extraction

tools for keyword extraction 

 You also need to learn how to extract keywords correctly and appropriately for your website or online store.

Make sure that these keywords are the same terms and phrases that internet users are looking for when searching for any topic related to your website or online store.

It is necessary to use keywords when creating any content in your store in order to contribute to reaching your target audience, which is also looking for you.

If you have come across this article, you are probably one of the owners of websites or online stores and are looking for how to extract keywords for your store.

So, follow us to learn with us about the purpose of the keyword term and how to extract it using the top 10 most popular keyword extraction tools in 2022. 

We will provide you with the top 10 free tools for keyword extraction and improving the appearance of your site in search engines:.

  1.  Semrush.
  2. MOZ.
  3. Keyword Shitter.
  4. Keywords Everywhere.
  5. Google Trends.
  6. Soovle.
  7. Keyword Tool.
  8. Google Ads Keyword Planner.

Keywords example 

Content writing is not limited to blogging only, but there are many details behind the success of your website, and perhaps one of the most important of these details is SEO through the use of appropriate keywords for the content you provide.

Of course, SEO strategy has a bigger role than keyword extraction, but this does not reduce the importance of keywords, because they are one of the most important key factors for the success of your website SEO strategy.

Keyword extraction is the first step to successfully writing SEO compliant content or search engine marketing strategy.

 To be successful in appearing on the first search engine results pages of the Google search engine, that is, the appearance of your website or online store on the first pages of Google, 

depends on the use of appropriate keywords and relevant to what internet users are already looking for.

To be successful in keyword search or keyword targeting, there are many ways, the easiest of which will be discussed below.

The 8 best free tools for keyword extraction

Semrush 1

Semrush  is one of the best SEO sites and is used by a very large company that includes many professional e-marketing experts and even beginners ، Knowledge is very important about SEO and improving the speed of sites through search engines.

It is characterized by providing a free tool that allows website owners to extract the appropriate keywords for their websites and online stores and be very relevant to the domain and what the internet user is searching for.


There is no one working in the field of e-marketing or any of the owners of websites and online stores who does not know the Moz website.

The Moz website is one of the most important sources of knowledge for many workers in the field and even beginners and learners.

It offers a huge encyclopedia of articles and directories that show readers in detail a huge amount of information about everything related to search engine marketing in particular and e-marketing in general.

It also offers many free services such as keyword research or measuring the strength of your site's ranking among competitors through the “Domain Authority ” search engines.

Keyword Shitter 3

Keyword shitter is considered one of the best keyword site and one of the free tools for searching for keywords and keywords.

If you want to get a list of keyword suggestions of a large size, all you need is to enter initial keywords and press the start task button.

The tool won't stop generating keywords until you ask it to do so, and you can download the results when it's done.

I let it run for about a minute and got more than 600 suggestions of keywords and long keywords, surprisingly most of the combinations made sense in some context.

Keywords Everywhere 4

Keywords Everywhere is a free plugin for the Chrome and Firefox browser, providing you with information about the search volume per word and cost per click, competition data for many word-specific websites.

  • The tool is especially useful when used with Google Search, and you can also do an infinite number of keyword searches on a daily basis.
  • If you can see the level of search for a keyword that is relevant for YouTube, Amazon, eBay and many others. 
  • The tool also supports some other free keyword tools such as Answer the Public, Soovle, and Keyword Shitter.

 Google Trends 5

Keywords do not retain the same power or ability to attract visitors all the time.

For example, people search a lot for soap operas before they are shown, but after the show, there are fewer searches for these soap operas and the words become less influential.

That's while, if the series wins a prize,searches will intensify around it and increase the percentage of traffic to your site.

And maybe it's about an important event, an important festive occasion, the beginning of the sports season, the launch of a new product or something else.

So, you should know one of the best tools to discover those topics or events is the Google Trends tool

It provides you with the latest trends and trends so that you can understand keyword traffic across search engines and its impact on your business.

You can also select some specific options when searching, such as customizing the country and whether you want to see the results of searches in:

  • Searches on the web.
  • Searches in the news.
  • Image searches.
  • Searches on YouTube.
  • Search for shopping in a specific country or your country.

The following is an illustration of the tool when used to search for some different keywords.

keyword extraction

Soovle 6

Soovle uses the same method as using the Keyword Tool to extract keywords, or keywords, but it should be noted that it supports additional search engines that differ from those on The Keyword Tool.

So we see that you should use the two tools to complement each other, and in total, Soovle works with Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia and and YouTube and Amazon.

Keyword Tool 7

The SEO or search engine optimization is a topic that is not easy but also not very difficult, if you are trying to find the best keywords for your site.

You should not only focus on single words or two-or three word sentences, but you will also need to think about long keywords or what is known as Long Tail Keywords, because they have an effective impact on SEO.

The Keyword Tool is characterized by providing keywords in an easy way to search in more than one way, whether short words or long words.

The free version of the tool provides up to 800 suggestions per search, and you can also set Google location and language to find translated results from other places if you are working on different countries other than your own.


Google Ads Keyword Planner 8

The Keyword Planner for Google Ads is designed primarily to help users create advertising campaigns through Google that help brand owners reach their target market.

But over time, its use has turned into a form that allows you to improve the appearance of your site in search engines and completely free of charge, 

and you can get it by simply opening an account in Google Ads without having to buy any advertising space.

Here are the registration steps in a nutshell:

  1. Go to Google ads.
  2.  Log in to get started.
  3. Once logged in, click on the tools at the top of the page.
  4. Then go to (Keyword Planner)

You can search for new keywords and keywords, get search volume and predictions easily now.

All you have to do is enter a word or phrase and Google will return with hundreds of keywords associated with it, along with the average monthly searches and competition.


Here we come to the end of today's topic, in which we talked about one of the most important factors for the success of your website's SEO strategy, which is the keyword extraction process.

We have discussed the definition of the concept of keywords and their importance in improving the appearance of your website or online store on the first pages of Google, as well as how to extract keywords in an easy and simple way.

In addition to addressing the top 8 free tools for keyword extraction so that you can use them successfully if you are at the beginning of online blogging.

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