Khole Kardashians: Khloe Kardashian Collapses Over Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal

Khole Kardashians: Khloe Kardashian Collapses Over Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal

Khloe Kardashian Collapses Over Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal

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Khloe Kardashian 

"I find out what Tristan is doing with the rest of the world… You're not even going to tell the rest of the world?" It's an extra slap in the face.

Can you believe the season finale of The Kardashians is already here?! 

In the shocking finale of the first season, viewers finally saw Khloe Kardashian come to terms with the discovery of her ex Tristan Thompson's latest infidelity scandal.

 (Kris Jenner also records a Khristmas song with Travis Barker in the episode — but that's another discussion for another day.)

In case you haven't… been following… the Tristan scandal, here's what you need to know: In late 2021, Tristan admitted to cheating on Khloe Kardashian with Maralee Nichols.

 Maralee became pregnant and claimed that Tristan was the father of her baby. After taking a paternity test, Tristan was later confirmed to be the father.

This all happened in December, when the family was filming their Hulu show. 

The production managed to capture the moment when everyone discovered it when the cameras were already rolling.

 And in the season finale, viewers saw Khloé's devastating reaction in real time.

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The Kardashians is streaming Khloe Kardashian real reaction to Tristan's infidelity scandal.

The episode opens with Kim on the phone with Khloé, who literally just woke up and found out about Tristan's cheating and paternity scandal.

 Kim tells Khloé about the trial and reads her own words from Tristan's statement.

"But if that's not the biggest sign for you not to have another baby with this human being…" Kim Kardashian told Khloé, before Khloé added, "I just want the truth." »

On the phone, viewers can then hear Khloé's heartbreaking sobs as Kim continues to talk to her. As Khloé continues to crumble, Kim asks the cameras to stop filming.

In May, executive producer Danielle King told Us Weekly that Khloé reaction was genuine as cameras rolled on Kim's day when news broke that morning:

 "Well, for that particular moment, my team was here. We were there to film something else. early in the morning and the morning the news broke, we were rightfully there. We have this moment on camera.

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In a confessional, Khloé addresses the situation for the first time: “I find out what Tristan is doing with the rest of the world. 

A courtesy would be not to do it, but hey if you do, you're not even going to give a heads-up before the rest of the world? It's an extra slap in the face.

"It's humiliating, I'm embarrassed… I would rather be alone than around people, and this was not the time for me to have a family gathering where I needed to hear the opinions and thoughts of each about my own life,” she adds, referring to the family reunion Kim called after hearing the news.

“I replay every event, every grand gesture, every trip, every date, every whatever…it was all a lie. God, how could you say nothing? Khloe continues. 

“I just don't really feel in my own body, that these things are happening and I'm just going through the motions. But when things happen to you multiple times, you kind of become immune to it. Which is really sad. »

Khloe goes on to call Tristan's behavior an "act of betrayal", "manipulation" and "deception". She adds that she believes there was "absolutely" no way Tristan would have told her about his relationship with Maralee if there hadn't been a baby involved.

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Khloé Kardashian breaks down on the phone with Kim over Tristan's paternity scandal.

In January, Tristan was confirmed to be the father of Maralee's baby boy after the paternity test result came back positive, although he previously denied being the father.

He publicly apologized to Khloé in a statement on his Instagram story, saying, “I take full responsibility for my actions.

 Now that paternity has been established, I look forward to raising our son amicably. »

Khloe, you don't deserve this. You don't deserve the heartbreak and humiliation I caused you. 

You don't deserve the way I've treated you over the years. My actions certainly don't match the way I see you. »

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