Affiliate marketing programs 2022: Affiliate marketing for beginners

Affiliate marketing programs 2022: Affiliate marketing for beginners

Affiliate marketing for  beginners 2022

What is affiliate marketing? How to start affiliate marketing? Do I need marketing skills to start affiliate marketing properly?

Guide affiliate marketing 2022
Affiliate marketing programs 2022

There are a lot of questions hesitating in the minds of people interested in starting affiliate marketing, preventing them from making the right decision.

 So I created this comprehensive step-by-step guide on affiliate marketing for you, even if you have no previous experience.

What IS affiliate marketing

Far from academic definitions, affiliate marketing is any activity that a marketer does for a trade owner to take a commission or a percentage of sales.

Of course, this definition includes activities carried out through salespeople and brokerage firms, but here we are talking about online affiliate marketing.

For example, you take a certain commission from the merchant for each customer who buys through you, or completes a certain procedure.

Even AdSense ads are considered affiliate marketing systems, because you take a fixed amount for each person who clicks on the ad, and goes to the merchant's site.

  • I will explain the most famous species to you in better detail.
  1. CPS (Cost Per Sale)
  2. CPA (Cost Per action)
  3. CPL (Cost per lead)
  4. CPI (Cost per install)
  5. (CPC (cost per click
  6. CPM (cost per mile)
  7. CPV (cost per view)

  •  CPS; The marketer takes a commission from the merchant for each sale completed, and the commission is often a percentage of the selling price of the product.
  •  CPA: They are meant to take a fixed amount in exchange for completing a simple action from the customer, such as filling out a form or downloading an application.
  •    CPL: each target user who records their data, such as email or phone number, is paid.
  •  CPI: Payment is made for each user who downloads a particular application.
  •  CPC: Payment is made for each user who clicks on the ad.
  •  CPM: Payment is made for every 1000 users who view the ad.
  •  CPV: Payment is made for every single viewing of the ad.

Of course, the merchant sets conditions for the special offer such as the target country, whether male or female, etc. and therefore the payment prices change based on these conditions. 

Each of these parts needs a lengthy explanation from several articles, but I will try to tell you in this explanation how how to get off to the right start with a focus on CPS is the easiest for beginners.

You can read the article What is digital marketing, to gain additional ideas and skills.

Sales commission tracking

Some ask How do I guarantee that all the people who have purchased a particular product through me will be charged the commission for the purchase, and it is added to my balance

Simply put: from within the dashboard, you get your own tracking link ..

 Anyone who makes a purchase from this through this link, the specified Commission is calculated and credited to your balance (depending on the terms of use of the program with which you work).

For example, I'm a participant in Amazon affiliate program, and I want to promote this laptop:

Affiliate marketing

I'll go to the control panel of my Amazon account, generate a tracking link for this product, and have a link to promote and profit from it.

How do I withdraw earnings from affiliate marketing platforms?

These methods vary from company to company, and some of these methods deduct high commissions and taxes and some do not, and I will explain the subject to you in a simplified manner..

Often the withdrawal of funds, is carried out by one of two cases, as we will now show you:

  • First case: affiliate makes a direct money transfer to your local bank account.

For example, the company is based in California and makes a bank transfer from California to your bank account in Canada (your place of residence).

But this method is not adopted by all companies, and those who adopt it are in large amounts (+. 500), especially since the conversion Commission is often high.

There are also some companies that rely on money transfer services such as: (Western Union), where you can receive money from any branch of Western Union in your city, but this case is also few.

The second case: it is the most popular among companies, where the company sends money through your account in an electronic bank (the most famous of them PayPal and payouner), and then you receive money from the electronic bank.

Then in this case you have:

  1. Bank account at the local bank.
  2. 2-bank account in an electronic bank (PayPal or Pioneer).

You receive the winnings via your PayPal account, then you send the money from PayPal to your local bank account, and then you go to your local bank to receive the money.

For countries with certain crises (for example, Ukraine), you will often need an intermediary who receives the money from the company (through the means it provides), and then you receive the money from that person.

The idea is simple, but the methods vary from company to company, and the methods of receiving money in the United States are different from Canada and Germany, for example, and the commissions increase or decrease depending on that.

How to start affiliate marketing

The question that always arises is, what do I need to start affiliate marketing and make a profit from it.

  • A good product, service or offer

At this point I recommend that you choose something that you are interested in and personally convinced of, this will make the road easier for you in many respects.

 You can get this either through intermediary companies such as CPC, or through the website of the owner of the good or service and subscribe to the affiliate system that it offers.

Also if you find the product you want to market by commission, and when you enter the site did not find the system of affiliate available on the site.

in this case you can communicate directly with this site and negotiate with him and reach an appropriate agreement.

It is worth mentioning that there are a lot of sites and large stores available in the world, which allow affiliate marketing system, including the famous Amazon site.

  • A good source of visitors.

You must have a proper source of targeted visitors for what you are marketing, so that you get a good conversion ratio and then make a good level of profit.

Factors such as visitor price, level of targeting, quantity and nature of visitors play a key role at this point.

But in any case, the source of visitors is a very effective element in the affiliate marketing process, and it has a very big impact on your success as an affiliate.

The source of visitors is a very effective element in the process of affiliate marketing, and it has an impact on your success as an affiliate marketer, and this is the list of sources of visitors:

  1. Specialized advertising companies.
  2. Search engines.
  3. Social networking sites.

The most important tools and services in affiliate marketing:

At each point I will talk about the tool in general, and how it will benefit you as I will mention a specific example of each tool.

Here I want to note, you don't necessarily have to subscribe to the site that we will choose as an example for each particular tool.

 You also don't have to own all the tools we will offer, in some cases you may not need specific tools depending on your particular business circumstances.

Here are the most important tools and services used in affiliate marketing:

  • Good hosting

Most often, your success as an affiliate depends on your design of landing pages for what you are marketing.

A landing page for those who don't know is a page that you design to serve as a motivational aspect for the user before they enter the advertiser's page.

It helps to increase the conversion rate, and by using it intelligently you can completely change the flow of results.

One of the excellent and specialized hosting services for affiliate hosting, which I recommend to you is Hehu Thu, formerly known as beyond hosting.

  • Tool to make landing pages

We previously mentioned the importance of a landing page in your success as an affiliate, now how can you design a good landing page There are actually a lot of ways to make a landing page.

 Now we are talking about the tools with which you can create a landing page in a very easy way.

Landing page creation tools, are tools through which you can, without having experience in the code to create a landing page with good standards, and (leadpages) is one of the tools that you can rely on for this purpose.

It is worth mentioning here that there are alternative ways to make a landing page instead of using one of the dedicated tools, and an alternative way to make landing page is to use specialists (designers and developers of web pages).

  • A tool for tracking and analyzing advertising campaigns

There is almost no real success in working in the field of affiliate marketing, without a good tool for analyzing and tracking advertising campaigns. This is a point full of details and ideas.

But to put it simply, the tracking and Analysis tool is a tool from which you can get a lot of details and information about the performance of your advertising campaigns.

You can get very accurate details about your landing page visitors, through these details you can make the necessary adjustments and changes in order to improve the results of your advertising campaign.

  • A tool to see competitors ' campaigns

This tool enables you to see some of the advertising campaign data of other affiliate marketers, through this tool, you can see the landing pages used by other marketers, the source of visitors, and some other targeting data.

You don't have to use this tool to copy other people's campaigns and apply them as they are, because that won't work very often, but you can use this tool to get more ideas that you can develop, integrate, or apply in other aspects of your work.

Your choice of this tool depends on the type of visitors you use, for each type of visitor there are special tools.

Important tips for your success as an affiliate marketer and making profits

Yes, information is important, but experience and experience are the most important, if you think that your success as an affiliate depends on collecting information, and then applying it and success comes, you are completely wrong.

  • Don't rely entirely on your successful campaigns at a given time.

The idea of working in the field of affiliate marketing is not like looking for successful campaigns and their job ends when they find them, but the search for successful campaigns is an ongoing process.

This is because successful campaigns do not go on successful all the time, they will often take a certain amount of time and then become depleted, or maybe copied by a lot of competitors and your share of the profit from them becomes less.

So keep looking for successful campaigns even if you don't have to rely entirely on your successful campaigns at a given time

  • Think outside the box until you get exceptional results.

Thinking outside the box here is to use the data or elements of the equation differently from the others, you have to add your own touch in your landing pages.

You must discover new and diverse sources of visitors, and you must find a way to get premium offers.

For example: in the field of CPA marketing offers from a small company taken from larger companies, it is less profitable than marketing the offer from the main company or from the advertiser directly.

See also: the best email marketing software for small business, to gain new and outstanding additional ideas and skills.


Affiliate marketing is a very huge business, and millions of dollars are traded online through it every month.

As a beginner, you must first understand the idea and prepare your plan (which includes determining the type of targeting and the type of offers you will market.

 And subscribe to tools that you think are right for you and are important to your success), then put your focus in one direction and start testing and experimenting.

Keep experimenting until you reach a successful campaign that will make up for all the losses you may have lost in the beginning.

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