Gundam Evolution hides a spy from Team Fortress 2 | Washington news

Gundam Evolution hides a spy from Team Fortress 2 | Washington news

Gundam Evolution hides a spy from Team Fortress 2

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Gundam Evolution 

Gundam Evolution offers plenty of gaming experiences inspired by old pioneering titles in the hero shooter genre, but one of the most talked about Mobile Suits available to play in the game resembles a certain mercenary from Team Fortress 2.

 Gundam Evolution offered 14 Mobile Suits in its network tests offering fine-tuned gunplay and capabilities. However, one costume in particular has caught the attention, and in most cases the ire, of many players: Gundam Barbatos

While the visual distinction between TF2's English subterfuge expert and Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans star is obvious, their gameplay features share striking similarities.


  1. Similar to another popular hero shooter, Overwatch, Gundam Evolution focuses on team vs.
  2.  team skirmishes with varied objectives usually related to checkpoints. 

Gundam Barbatos is one of two melee-oriented Mobile Suits, but unlike its counterpart, Gundam Exia, Barbatos is able to instantly stop almost any Mobile Suit in the game by combining two powerful melee stuns.

 These abilities combined with Barbatos' generous boost gauge allowing him to close distance with ease led to a lot of frustration among fans as to how the Mobile Suit was able to run towards opponents and destroy them instantly and then in most case, running away to recharge health and abilities. 

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Team Fortress 2's bot-on-bot extermination aside, the most startling resemblance between it and Gundam Evolution is in the roles that Gundam Barbatos and Valve's Spy share in gameplay: 

agile, cunning melee assassins. and snapshots that crumble under the team's consciousness. While their approach to getting up close may differ - Barbatos slashing his way into fights with his extra boost charges while cloaks and spy disguises - both are exceptional at taking down a complacent foe or two.

 The Spy can quickly stab an enemy for an instant kill, and Barbatos combines two powerful melee abilities to deal overwhelming amounts of damage that all but a Mobile Suit cannot withstand.

Gundam Evolution's Barbatos fills the same niche role as TF2's spy

Gundam Barbatos and Team Fortress 2's Spy both seem unstoppable on paper, but they also share the same weaknesses.

 Gundam Barbatos is loud and visible during approach, as the suit boost has a distinct sound and the mace charge attack (the combo's first stun) also has an ambient charge sound. 

Spy has to bare himself before stabbing, which produces a very distinct sound, and his disguises are usually far from inconspicuous.

 A quick dash as Barbatos swings his mace and a quick inspection of a teammate acting weird in Team Fortress 2 nearly negates the threat of those melee assassins.

 However, there are times when such awareness is between impractical and impossible, such as during big team fights,

Gundam Evolution is generally inspected against the top heroes of Overwatch and its sequel, with more than one direct character analogue between team shooters, but it's important to remember that the genre has had its fair share of titles.

 influential. Many ideas can be traced back decades or even to the previous millennium. Gundam Evolution should offer a diverse and varied list of interesting interactions between these many character functions when it arrives in late September 2022 for PC and late January 2023 for console.

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