The best strategy Feasibility staurant 2022

The best strategy Feasibility staurant 2022

The idea of creating a restaurant project is one of the most successful projects recently, as more and more people want to have fun and change their daily eating routine at home،

 and are heading towards the restaurant either alone or with their families،

Feasibility study for a restaurant

But everyone knows that the cost of creating a successful restaurant can be quite expensive, and not many people have enough money to open a restaurant.

And in today article we will talk about some points that must be taken into account when thinking about a restaurant project, we will get acquainted with:

  1. The main idea of the project.
  2.  The basic steps to start a restaurant business.
  3. The most important tips to get a successful project..
  4. The most important points that can lead to the failure of the project.
  5.  And some marketing plans for the success of your restaurant.

What is the basic steps to start a restaurant project

The opening of a restaurant project is one of the projects in which the owner must have a high artistic taste and aesthetic sense.

 Because the presentation of different foods is associated with world culture and allows you to display different things from all over the world.

And you must be capable enough to create a charming and wonderful atmosphere in the place to attract customers to spend and enjoy the offered meal for as long as possible.

Many customers want to go to the restaurant for the sake of calm and psychological comfort while eating, here are the most basic steps to start the project:

Choosing a unique location to create the restaurant

One of the most important things for opening a restaurant project is to choose a suitable and lively place to attract more customers, for example, it can be close to:

  •  University.
  •  Or a shopping mall.
  •  Or a garden.
  •  Or a cinema.

 It is better to be on a Main Street and not a side street for all passers-by, students and workers to see.

Identify the target group of customers

Once the location is chosen, the task of determining the target group of customers that will come to the restaurant, and without identifying a specific market segment, the project will become random and not very successful.

It is necessary to find out whether the restaurant is aimed at businessmen, university students or families, as well as what types of food and materials are prepared and served.

Successful restaurant construction project

  • The necessary appliances must be available in the restaurant before setting the opening date, such as refrigerators, and they must be of high quality in order to be able to store food properly.
  •  There must also be stoves, ovens, tables for cutting vegetables and meat, a sufficient set of foods.
  • When choosing cookware, it must be of any high quality, as it is resistant to rust and helps to cook food properly.
  • Choose tables, chairs and tablecloths suitable for the restaurant, but keep in mind that these seats and tables are subject to damage monthly and you can replace them at any time.

Required labor for the restaurant project

At this point, we will get to know the workers required to set up a restaurant, but the number of employees in the restaurant varies depending on the area, for example:

  • Two chefs to prepare assorted items and they must be experienced in the culinary field.
  • Specializes in the preparation of juices.
  • A baker or two to prepare pies and baked goods.
  • Five “waiter " personnel in order to take orders and serve customers.
  • One or two cleaners for wiping, cleaning and washing utensils, depending on the area of the place.
  • An Accounts Officer to account for customers and make invoices.
  • 2 security guards outside the restaurant (optional).

Sample restaurant project feasibility study

To set up a successful and profitable project, the entrepreneur must have a not small amount of money, we will find out about the necessary expenses for the restaurant.

  1. The cost of restaurant licenses.
  2. The Special cost of utilities and services for the restaurant.
  3. The cost of restaurant maintenance work.
  4. The cost of renting or buying a restaurant.
  5. The cost of delivery service and wages of employees.

Expected profits and revenues from the restaurant project

Anyone who is thinking of creating a new restaurant project should know that the profit will not come from the first month, but can come after the fifth or sixth month after the project has settled.

 In order for the project to be evaluated and said to be a successful project, it must cover its construction costs and expenses and there is a surplus for the project owner.

Tips for a successful restaurant business

We will learn about the best tips aimed at the success of the restaurant and reaching the desired goal.

  • You have to determine the quality of food that is served in the restaurant.
  • You should find out about your competitors in the same field and lower prices for those restaurants in order to attract customers.
  • Make lists of Main and side items, juices and desserts.
  • You must obtain the necessary permits for the restaurant so that you do not have problems later.
  • Employees should be selected carefully, employees with good behavior and decent appearance should be selected, and an examination should be made for them to ensure the safety of their health.
  • Paying attention to the appearance of the place is one of the things that most attracts the attention of customers, so you should choose a view that indicates what is served in the restaurant.
  • Attention to privacy, there must be an insulating glass that prevents those outside from watching customers while they are eating.
  • When choosing a restaurant location, you should take into account the work of a place for parking and maintaining customers ' cars.
  • The place should be free of special problems with electricity and water.
  • Make offers every period, as these offers help to attract a large number of customers.
  • Maintain the level of the items that are served, as many major restaurants, after they have met with great success and were able to acquire a number of customers, have been neglected in their quality.

Make a uniform for the staff, such as waiters, they must wear a distinctive uniform that no one else wears, cleaners as well as cooks.

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